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Robots Judge Beauty Contest, Get Called Racist

Artificial intelligence was supposed to eliminate bias—but most winners were light-skinned

(Newser) - Can robots be racist? It appears that way, per results from Beauty.AI , a beauty competition designed to take prejudices out of the mix by having algorithms do the judging instead of humans. But results from the competition indicate that even 'bots have biases, the Guardian reports. Forty-four winners... More »

For Kids, Mom and Dad's Attitudes on Prejudice Rule

Adult words have more value than positive experiences for young: study

(Newser) - Where do kids get prejudiced ideas from? Adults—at least when the children are young. A new study found that when first-graders were told by an adult that another group of children was "mean," those first-graders in turn evaluated the other group as "mean"—even if... More »

Anti-Mormonism Is the New Racism

But it's harder for us to recognize, denounce: William Saletan

(Newser) - There was quite an uproar when word got out about Rick Perry’s racist hunting camp name —Perry himself acknowledged that it was “offensive” and, thus, was painted over. But neither Perry nor Herman Cain, who was quick to denounce the camp name, worked up quite the same... More »

Artist Puts Our Stereotypes on the Map

Innovative 'cartographer' outlines prejudices

(Newser) - Americans thinks the French are "smelly," the Italians "godfathers" and Russians "Commies." At least that's the view of a Bulgarian artist living in London who has created seven maps of different nations' stereotypes that have become an internet hit. In Yanko Tsvetkov's map of French... More »

4 Stories