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Rogue Soldiers Had Little Supervision in Afghanistan

Superiors ignored warning signs

(Newser) - As the legal case proceeds against US soldiers accused of murdering Afghan civilians for kicks, it's beginning to become clear they had little supervision at their remote outpost, the New York Times reports. Interviews and legal documents paint a picture of rampant drug use in the 30-man platoon, and of... More »

'Crazy' Sergeant Urged US Troops to 'Kill for Sport'

Army ignored warning about death squad team leader, say soldier's parents

(Newser) - Soldiers charged with murdering Afghan civilians for kicks are blaming a "crazy" sergeant that the parents of one said they warned the Army about. In a chilling videotaped interrogation, Corporal Jeremy Morlock recounts being ordered to kill civilians during heroin-, opium-, and hash-fueled raids. At one point, Sergeant Calvin... More »

2 Stories