Andrew Shirvell

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Assistant AG Who Targeted Gay Student Fired

Andrew Shirvell axed for 'borderline stalking'

(Newser) - Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell has finally been fired for his weird hate campaign against an openly gay University of Michigan student. Attorney General Mike Cox tells CNN that Shirvell “repeatedly violated office policies, engaged in borderline stalking behavior and inappropriately used state resources.” Shirvell runs a... More »

Asst. AG Targets Gay Student in Odd Hate Campaign

Andrew Shirvell calls Chris Armstrong 'Satan's representative'

(Newser) - Andrew Shirvell is a “concerned alumnus” of the University of Michigan, and oh—he also happens to be the assistant attorney general of Michigan, which makes his extracurricular hobby even more disturbing. For almost six months, Shirvell has been running “ Chris Armstrong Watch ,” a blog campaigning against... More »

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