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A Man Once Bought Stonehenge 'on a Whim'

Cecil Chubb bought Stonehenge 100 years ago, then gave it away

(Newser) - One of history's more grand misplaced romantic gestures involves a British wife who was hoping for new curtains and instead got a bunch of rocks. A century ago, on Sept. 21, 1915, Cecil Chubb set off for an auction "and came back with something rather different" than the... More »

Britain Recognizes Druidry as a Religion

It's gaining converts because of an emphasis on nature

(Newser) - Druidry has been officially recognized as a religion in Britain, complete with charitable status and tax breaks. The UK government acknowledged that the Celtic pagan faith, which originated in Ireland and Britain thousands of years ago, is a religion in its own right and deserves the same benefits as the... More »

2 Stories