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Mayor Smashes Car Parked in Bike Lane With a Tank

Arturas Zuokas shows us why Lithuania is awesome

(Newser) - Here’s one emphatic way to crack down on cars squatting in the bike lane: Run them over with a tank. The mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania, did just that recently. In the video below you can see Arturas Zuokas—supposedly an “avid cyclist”—climb into an armored personnel... More »

No Joke: Blondes Building Blonde Resort

Lithuanian firm wants fair-haired mecca in Maldives

(Newser) - Blonde ambition or blatant racism? That's the question surrounding a Lithuanian firm's plans to build a blonde resort in the Maldives. The property will be staffed, of course, by blondes—leaving locals to wonder if non-whites will be excluded, notes the BBC , "This is racist and should not be... More »

2 Stories