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Kentucky AG Won't Appeal Ruling in Favor of Gay Marriage

So governor will hire outside counsel

(Newser) - An unusual turn of events today on gay marriage in Kentucky: The state's attorney general held an emotional, even tearful news conference in which he announced that he will not appeal a federal judge's ruling that the state must recognize gay marriages performed elsewhere, reports the Louisville Courier-Journal... More »

Olbermann Donated to 3 Democrats

'Countdown' host appears to breach NBC ethics rules

(Newser) - Keith Olbermann donated $2,400—the maximum individual contribution—apiece to three Democrats before Election Day, apparently breaking NBC rules, Politico reports. The MSNBC host, who has acknowledged the contributions, gave to two Arizona representatives the day one of them, Raul Grijalva, stopped by his show (the other was Gabrielle... More »

Where the Big Races Stand

Rand Paul and Marco Rubio up big, Harry Reid, Sharron Angle too close to call

(Newser) - With T-Minus one day to the election, here's where the most-watched races in the country stand:
  • Harry Reid and Sharron Angle are locked in a dead heat; the latest Public Policy Polling survey has Angle squeaking ahead 47% to 46%.
  • Looks like harping on the Aqua Buddha incident didn't help
... More »

Rand Paul, Jack Conway Brawl Over 'Aqua Buddha'

Paul calls Conway a 'disgrace,' won't shake his hand

(Newser) - The words “ugly” and “new low” are being tossed around a lot in reports of last night’s Kentucky Senate debate, in which Rand Paul and Jack Conway sparred over a new Conway ad bashing Paul for his alleged “Aqua Buddha” shenanigans. (Background available here and here... More »

Franklin Graham: Islam is 'Wicked'

Elsewhere: Bill Richardson says Dems are 'scared' of tea party

(Newser) - ABC’s This Week waded into some controversial waters today with a town hall discussion on Islam, and no one was more controversial than Rev. Franklin Graham (son of Billy), who called the religion “evil” and “wicked.” Quoth Graham: “They want to build as many... More »

5 Stories