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Govt. to Family: 'Dead' Dad Actually Alive, So Pay Up

Donald Miller disappeared in 1980s, was declared dead, returned last year

(Newser) - Though very much alive, Donald Miller Jr. is still legally a dead man ... and yet now his daughters are being hit up for $47,000 in Social Security benefits they received as teens because of his death, the AP reports. It all started when Miller, a jobless alcoholic at the... More »

Troop Death Benefits: We Pay, Prudential Profits

American legion calls for 'overhaul' of system

(Newser) - Prudential is making a profit on death benefits owed to military families—and it's doing so using government funds. When a service member dies, the feds send the full amount of the life insurance policy, usually $400,000, to Prudential. If survivors opt to receive a lump-sum payment, which 95%... More »

2 Stories