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UN Armies Use Troops Prone to Corruption

Alleged crimes described as 'sickening and odious'

(Newser) - Thirty countries that provide the most troops to UN peacekeeping armies are particularly prone to corruption, according to a new study . Transparency International, an organization that monitors corruption, says six of the most troop-contributing nations scored an F in an A-to-F grading system—Togo, Morocco, Chad, Egypt, Burkina Faso, and... More »

Ukraine Peacekeepers Would 'Destroy' Truce: Russia

Ambassador accuses Ukrainian president of calling for UN assistance

(Newser) - In an unraveling ceasefire with Russia-backed separatists, Ukraine lost the city of Debaltseve yesterday; the BBC also reports that shelling picked up in the rebel-held city of Donetsk, and that separatists have been conducting mortar attacks in the town of Shirokyne. So it's perhaps not surprising that Ukrainian President... More »

44 Fiji Peacekeepers Captured by Syria Rebels

Militants force members of UN mission from Golan Heights post, also trap Filipino troops

(Newser) - The UN says that 44 of its Fijian peacekeeping troops have been captured by militants in Syria, while 75 of its Filipino peacekeepers are surrounded by insurgents who want them to surrender their weapons, reports the AP . All of the soldiers are said to be alive, and leaders from both... More »

UN Sued Over Haiti Cholera Outbreak

Victims claim peacekeepers spread disease through bad sewerage system

(Newser) - It's cholera in the time of litigation: Haitian victims of the disease are filing a lawsuit against the UN, claiming peacekeepers are responsible for the outbreak that has killed more than 8,300 and sickened some 650,000 there since 2010. The Boston-based Institute for Justice and Democracy in... More »

UN Authorizes Offensive Force for Congo

Up to 3K peacekeeper troops to get 'intervention' authority to stop rebels

(Newser) - The UN Security Council has voted for the first time to authorize a peacekeeping force to carry out offensive operations, with up to 3,000 troops based in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, reports the AP . The resolution is good for one year, giving the "intervention brigade" the... More »

No Release for Seized UN Monitors

Their release had been expected today

(Newser) - The Philippine government was under the impression that Syrian rebels would release 21 UN monitors today—but that hasn't happened, it says. Officials say the rebels maintain that they won't release the monitors until Syrian government forces exit the Jamlah area, near the Golan Heights. "I don'... More »

Now Syrian Rebels Claim They Rescued UN 'Guests'

Video making demands for their release pulled offline

(Newser) - You got it all wrong, a Syrian rebel group protested today. They weren't abducting UN peacekeeping troops in the Golan Heights yesterday, they were rescuing them. The rebel group, known as the Yarmouk Martyrs' Brigade, has pulled down a video they'd posted on Facebook saying they wouldn't... More »

UN on Syria: It's a Civil War

'This is really becoming large scale,' peacekeeping chief says

(Newser) - The situation in Syria has officially descended into a full-blown civil war, the UN's peacekeeping chief said today. "Yes, I think we can say that," Herve Ladsous told Reuters , explaining that the opposition has claimed "large chunks of territory in several cities," and that regime... More »

Syria Continues Assault on Homs

23 reported killed yesterday as Arab League seeks peacekeepers

(Newser) - Syrian tanks have relaunched their assault on Homs, shelling the beleaguered city for a 10th day today after the government's rejection of the Arab League's attempts to launch a UN peacekeeping mission in the country. The League's push was today also rejected by Russia, which said a... More »

Security Council Mulls 'Climate Peacekeepers'

Meeting today will discuss UN's response to climate conflicts

(Newser) - Is climate change a matter of global security? The UN Security Council thinks it might be, and will hold a special session today to discuss what role, if any, it should have in dealing with it, the Guardian reports. Island nations that stand to be swallowed by rising seas are... More »

UN Peacekeepers Expected at Birth of South Sudan

New nation will be one of world's poorest

(Newser) - Up to 7,000 UN peacekeeping forces will be sent to South Sudan to help with the birth of the world's newest country, which officially separates from Sudan at midday tomorrow, reports the Telegraph . The Christian-majority south has been fighting with the Muslim-majority north for 38 of the 54... More »

North Sudan Troops Get 'Green Light' to Attack South

Gunman also fire on UN helicopters

(Newser) - Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has given Northern Sudan troops the “green light” to attack their southern counterparts at will if they feel threatened, as the dispute over the Abyei border region threatens to balloon into a full-scale civil war in the soon-to-be-divided nation. Northern tanks rolled into the fertile... More »

As War Looms, World Ignores Ivory Coast

Casualties and fears of all-out civil war mount

(Newser) - What if they had a civil war and no one watched? At least 52 civilians were killed last week in the Ivory Coast’s escalating crisis, but no one in the media seems to care, Time observes. The 5-month-old conflict has been pushed out of the headlines by the disasters... More »

UN Probes Reports of Ivory Coast Mass Graves

200 feared dead in post-election violence

(Newser) - As reports of mass graves and other atrocities pile up in Ivory Coast, UN peacekeepers have been tasked with investigating—but gaining access to affected areas may be easier said than done, reports the Guardian . The UN suspects that some 80 bodies may be housed in a building in a... More »

Expert: UN Brought Cholera to Haiti

Nepalese base blamed for epidemic

(Newser) - A French researcher has reached the same conclusion about the Haitian cholera outbreak as rioters did: United Nations peacekeepers are the likely source. The expert—sent by the French government to help Haiti investigate the epidemic that has killed more than 2,000 people—believes the disease probably spread from... More »

Haitians Attack Peacekeepers

Protesters believe Nepalese soldiers started illness outbreak

(Newser) - Protesters who blame United Nations peacekeepers from Nepal for a deadly outbreak of cholera have attacked a base in northern Haiti. Shots were fired as protests spread through the city of Cap-Haitien and at least two people are believed to have been killed, AP reports. Six Nepalese peacekeepers were injured... More »

China: Those Weren't Our Bullets in Darfur

Beijing is trying to block UN report to the contrary

(Newser) - China is attempting to block publication of UN report stating that Chinese bullets were used in attacks against UN peacekeeping forces in Darfur, the Christian Science Monitor reports. The report states that 11 different kinds of Chinese-made bullet casings were found at sites where government-allied militia members attacked UN or... More »

Congo's Troops Accused of Raping, Murdering Citizens

UN envoy points finger at government troops

(Newser) - Congolese government troops have raped and murdered their own country's civilians, says a UN envoy to the region. Ironically, the alleged abuses were committed by troops deployed in response to the mass rape of 300 civilians and more than 50 children by rebel forces in the Walikale region this summer,... More »

In Rape-Plagued Congo, UN a Total Failure

10 years and billions of dollars later, it's not protecting the people

(Newser) - Over four horrific days at the end of July, at least 200 women were gang-raped in the Congolese village of Luvungi—just down the road from UN peacekeepers. The incident is shining a spotlight on the UN's abject failure to protect civilians there, despite spending more than 10 years and... More »

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