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Gay Rights Could Get First National Monument

Obama expected to approve Stonewall Inn as national park

(Newser) - The first national monument to the gay rights movement could be on its way. For years, advocates have been calling for the creation of a national park in the vicinity of Manhattan's Stonewall Inn, where a 1969 police raid sparked a protest by gay men, now considered the start... More »

Gaybashers Beat Man in Historic NYC Gay Bar

Stonewall attack occurred day after pack beating of gay men in nearly neighborhood

(Newser) - Gaybashers attacked a customer in the historic Manhattan bar considered the birthplace of the fight for gay rights. "Get away from me!" the thug yelled at the customer in the bathroom of the Stonewall bar in the Village. "I don't like gay people. Don't pee next to... More »

2 Stories