Volkswagen Jetta

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Volkswagen Is Cheating on Smog Tests: EPA

482K cars ordered recalled

(Newser) - If you drive a Volkswagen diesel model, your car might be getting recalled—though not for safety reasons. The Obama administration has ordered the carmaker to recall about 482,000 cars because, it claims, Volkswagen put illegal software in those cars designed to get around environmental standards, the New York ... More »

VW Recalls Jettas for Horn Glitch That Turns Off Car

Glitch could affect 71,000 cars

(Newser) - Imagine this scenario: You're on the highway, someone cuts you off, you slam your horn in frustration—and suddenly your car turns off. That scenario is indeed possible if you own a 2011 Jetta; Volkswagen has recalled roughly 71,000 of the cars after finding a glitch that, in rare... More »

Volkswagen Steers Toward US

New Jetta part of push for American market

(Newser) - Volkswagen wants to be the biggest automaker in the world, but it’s got one little problem: It has only 2.2% of the US market. But the company aims to change all that starting this week, when it rolls out its new Jetta, a spacious sedan designed specifically for... More »

3 Stories