Gene Cranick

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Woman Doesn't Blame Firefighters for Letting House Burn

Cranick says Tennessee firefighters were just following orders

(Newser) - The Tennessee woman whose house fire sparked a national controversy says she's not holding a grudge against the firefighters who stood by as her home burned to the ground . "You can't blame them if they have to do what the boss says to do," said Paulette Cranick—whose... More »

Glenn Beck: Firefighters Right to Let Home Burn

'We are going to have to have these kinds of things' in the future

(Newser) - Liberals and conservatives are in a standoff over the firefighters who let Gene Cranick’s home burn down because he hadn’t paid a $75 fee for fire services. Glenn Beck weighed in yesterday—mimicking, for a moment, Cranick’s Southern accent—and he’s on the firefighters’ side, ThinkProgress... More »

2 Stories