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Scientist Injects Self With 'Eternal Life' Bacteria

Russian researcher saw mice, flies reaped benefits from bacteria, so why not?

(Newser) - In 2009, a 3.5-million-year-old bacteria strain called Bacillus F was discovered deep in the permafrost of Siberia's Sakha Republic, per Medical Daily . Scientists soon after found that mice and fruit flies exposed to the bacteria seemed to get a boost to their immune systems, leading to longer lives... More »

Young Blood Can Reverse Aging Process

Researchers find the fountain of youth—in blood?

(Newser) - Who knew blood-sucking vampires were actually onto something? According to new US studies, the blood of young mice can rejuvenate the brains and muscles of older mice, effectively reversing the impact of aging, the New York Times reports. "I am extremely excited," says a professor. "These findings... More »

Want to Live Longer? Go Shopping

Retail therapy boosts interactions, exercise, and healthy diet

(Newser) - Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as retail therapy. We all knew about the mental health benefits of a good buy, but now researchers have discovered that shopping might actually extend one's lifespan. Men and women who shop daily live longer than those who shopped less frequently, found a... More »

'Elixir of Life' Discovered

Cocktail of amino acids extended mouse lifespans 12%

(Newser) - Italian researchers say they've found an "elixir of life" that helped mice live longer and may do the same for humans. The cocktail of amino acids—found in a protein powder favored by bodybuilders—extended the lifespan of middle-aged mice by 12%, the Telegraph reports. Mice who drank water... More »

Sperm, Grapefruit Slow Aging

Spermidine found to increase lifespans of fruit flies, worms

(Newser) - The fountain of youth may be filled with grapefruit and human sperm, according to Austrian researchers. The scientists found that spermidine, a chemical compound abundant in both sperm and grapefruit, increased longevity by around a third in fruit flies and worms when it was added to their diet. Human immune... More »

Fountain of Youth? Drugs Eyed to Slow Aging

Experts hope caloric restriction holds key to longer lives

(Newser) - Scientists are hoping new drugs can battle the effects of aging, extending our lives or at least keeping the years from slowing us down, the New York Times reports. At the heart of the research is the discovery that caloric restrictions can extend life in mice. If humans can make... More »

Placenta Drip: Fad or Fantastic?

Afterbirth consumption risky, unproven to boost health

(Newser) - Feeling tired? A Tokyo clinic offers relaxation drips containing human placental extract as a pick-me-up. Long used by the Japanese to treat liver disease and menopause symptoms, placenta—with its immune molecules and nutrients that sustain the fetus during pregnancy—is symbolic, if not utterly scientific. The idea of a... More »

Red Wine Linked to Longer Life

Grape ingredient could be used for anti-aging drugs

(Newser) - Researchers have found new signs that the fountain of youth could be filled with red wine, the New York Times reports. Resveratrol, an ingredient in grape skins, has been found to slow the effects of aging by triggering a change in the body—making it switch resources from fertility to... More »

Exercise Slows Aging Process

Fit people are 10 years younger, study says

(Newser) - People who exercise don't just feel younger, they clinically are younger—by up to 10 years, according to a new study. And while exercise slows the aging process, a sedentary lifestyle accelerates it, reports the Daily Telegraph. The findings are "a message that could be used by clinicians to... More »

In Vino ... a Fountain of Youth?

Harvard man finds red wine chemical helps mice live 24% longer

(Newser) - A Harvard scientist armed with great salesmanship and optimism has isolated a red wine ingredient he says will make humans live longer and healthier. Resveratrol may be the chemical at rainbow’s end in the quest to activate the SIRT1 gene, Technology Review reports; David Sinclair has shushed some doubters... More »

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