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See Egypt Melting Down? Blame the US

White House stood by as Morsi made his power grab: Jeffrey Goldberg

(Newser) - The throngs massing in Tahrir Square and elsewhere in Egypt aren't just livid at Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood—they're angry at the US, too, writes Jeffrey Goldberg at Bloomberg . And what's more, they should be, he adds. The US, in particular ambassador Anne Patterson, did... More »

WikiLeaks: Behind Scenes, US Worried About Pakistan Nukes

'Sensational' media coverage kept US from removing uranium

(Newser) - The Guardian and the New York Times put the latest WikiLeaks focus on relations with Pakistan and worries—despite official statements to the contrary— that radicals could get their hands on its nuclear arsenal:
  • US ambassador Anne Patterson, May 2009: "Our major concern is not having an Islamic militant
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2 Stories