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Google: Driverless Cars Not to Blame for 11 Accidents

But Google, California DMV haven't released full accident reports

(Newser) - Google's fleet of 23 self-driving Lexuses has been involved in 11 accidents over the past six years of testing in California—but the company says not one of those incidents was the fault of a Google car, the AP reports. Chris Urmson, director of Google's self-driving initiative, writes... More »

Villagers Mistake Google Driver for Government Spy

They let him go after he swears before Buddha statue

(Newser) - The hazards of driving around in one of those Google mapping cars: When residents of a remote village in Thailand saw the weird-looking vehicle with a camera on top tooling around, they blocked its path and hauled out the driver for questioning, reports the Bangkok Post . Was he a sneaky... More »

California Gets Ready for Driverless Cars

New law creates regulations for testing self-driven vehicles

(Newser) - Attention, Amanda Bynes : Your driverless car is ready. California, which perhaps coincidentally seems to bear the brunt of starlets driving under the influence of stardom, has passed legislation clearing the way for autonomous cars on its roads. "Today we're looking at science fiction becoming tomorrow's reality,"... More »

Nevada OKs Robot Cars

New rules allow companies to begin testing

(Newser) - Nevada drivers might be sharing the road with robots someday. The state's Department of Motor Vehicles has approved regulations allowing self-driving cars to hit the street, PC Mag reports. The rules govern test vehicles—like the one Google has already built —and will eventually apply to those released... More »

Google Tests Self-Driving Cars

But mass production is at least 8 years out

(Newser) - Google, you can drive my car: In its continued quest for world domination, the search engine behemoth is now dabbling in a little thing it likes to call self-driving cars, reports the New York Times. The fleet of seven has safely logged some 140,000 miles—albeit with "drivers"... More »

5 Stories