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Esquire Declares This Year's Sexiest Woman

It's Emilia Clarke

(Newser) - Esquire is here, as always, to tell us which woman is the sexiest one on the planet, and this year it's Emilia Clarke. Or, as you may know her, Game of Thrones' Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen , the First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of Meereen,... More »

And the Sexiest Woman Alive Is ...

Penélope Cruz, according to Esquire

(Newser) - Esquire has named Penélope Cruz the Sexiest Woman Alive, and the magazine is very serious about her sexiness. The five most dramatic sections from Chris Jones' article on Cruz, which is somewhat oddly interspersed with a story about bullfighting in Spain:
  • "Penélope Cruz lifts her perfect
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Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive Is ...

Hottie Mila Kunis, who also gives good quotes

(Newser) - Move over , Rihanna: Esquire 's new Sexiest Woman Alive not only turns heads, she gives a pretty darn good interview. Quotes from the mag's chat with actor Mila Kunis:
  • The Biz: "People in this industry lie so much, they believe their lies. That's what I
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2011's Sexiest Woman Alive Is...

Rihanna, according to 'Esquire'

(Newser) - Rihanna takes the "Sexiest Woman Alive" crown from Minka Kelly in the new issue of Esquire . But, of course, the most interesting quote from her interview has to do not with sexiness, but Chris Brown. Though she resented her ex for a while, that anger "was taking up... More »

2010's Sexiest Woman Alive Is...

...Minka Kelly, says Esquire

(Newser) - Minka Kelly is Esquire ’s Sexiest Woman Alive for 2010. The Friday Night Lights star and girlfriend to New York Yankee Derek Jeter discusses her life before acting with the magazine ("My mom lived a fast life. It was all about what we could do to have fun... More »

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