West Virginia Senate race

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8 Senate Races to Watch

These races will decide just how good the GOP's night is

(Newser) - It’s Election Day, folks, and we're here to give you the low-down. All eyes are certainly on the Senate, where Democrats have a chance to keep their majority, provided they can win a few close races. Here's what's happening, according to the Washington Post , complete with links to our... More »

Democrats Pick Up Steam in Senate Races

Reid and Angle a tossup, Manchin and Murray now favored

(Newser) - After a several straight losing weeks, the Democrats gained ground in the battle for the Senate this week, according to New York Times polling guru Nate Silver. Based on 100,000 simulations, Silver’s FiveThirtyEight prediction model now gives the GOP just an 18% chance to take the Senate, down... More »

Bill Clinton, Palin Join W. Va Battle

Race for Byrd's seat pits Comeback Kid against Mama Grizzly

(Newser) - Big guns from both sides have joined the fray as the Senate race in West Virginia tightens up. The state hasn't sent a Republican to the Senate since 1958 but Gov. Joe Manchin, running for the seat left open by Sen. Robert Byrd's death, is facing a tough challenge from... More »

3 Stories