Joe Kurihara

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'Lost' Tyke Taken From Parents

Dad too drunk to remember where he left Dylan in court today

(Newser) - For the time being cops will know just where to find the California toddler "lost" by a father so drunk he didn't even know he had the kid —and it won't be with his parents. Dylan Kurihara, 3, has been placed in protective custody with Los Angeles County... More »

Drunk Dad 'Loses' Son

Pasadena pop can't recall being in charge of toddler

(Newser) - An emergency alert was issued for a missing 3-year-old California boy yesterday, after his drunk dad told cops he couldn't remember where he left the toddler. Cops happened to bust Dylan Kurihara's apparently inebriated father, Joe, alone, on foot, and charged him with public intoxication on Saturday night. When the... More »

2 Stories