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Le Pen-Macron Isn't Another Trump-Clinton: Pollsters

Macron has a polling lead Clinton never even came close to

(Newser) - The final polls before Sunday's French presidential election show Emmanuel Macron with a massive 22- or 24-point lead over Marine Le Pen. And FiveThirtyEight , for its part, claims this isn't another Clinton-Trump situation: President Trump was a "normal polling error" behind Hillary Clinton the day before the... More »

French Voters Reject Sarko Comeback

He unexpectedly loses party primary

(Newser) - Nicolas Sarkozy isn't going to get a second shot at the French presidency: The former president was unexpectedly defeated in a primary for the center-right Republican party, reports Reuters . After his defeat, Sarkozy endorsed former prime minister Francois Fillon, who will face Alain Juppe, another former PM, in a... More »

Hollande Slashes French CEOs' Pay

New prez Hollande will cap salaries at state-owned firms

(Newser) - With France's new socialist president François Hollande moving in, it looks like sky-high CEO salaries are moving out, reports the Wall Street Journal . Hollande has promised to cap executive pay at the 52 companies owned or partially owned by the state, limiting them to a maximum of 20... More »

France Swears In Hollande

Nicolas Sarkozy has left the building

(Newser) - France today installed Socialist Francois Hollande as its new president for the next five years, replacing conservative Nicolas Sarkozy with a mandate to ease up on the austerity measures with which Europe has fought its economic crisis. Hollande, the first Socialist to have access to France's nuke codes in... More »

As Sarkozy Exits, US Loses a Friend

...But François Hollande might be even more simpatico with Obama administration

(Newser) - France's election was something of a can't-lose proposition for the Obama administration. On the one hand, the US isn't pleased to see the backside of Nicolas Sarkozy, an ally so steadfast that in France he was sometimes called "Sarko the American." Sarkozy, after all, was... More »

What Hollande's Victory Means for France

President-elect has a packed first 40 days

(Newser) - Following last night’s victory over Nicolas Sarkozy , Francois Hollande will have to jump right in to his new role—he will be sworn in as France’s president next Tuesday, the BBC notes. What does his election mean?
  • Hollande has vowed to renegotiate the eurozone budget treaty Sarkozy championed
... More »

Hollande Wins French Runoff Vote, Ousts Sarkozy

Socialist looks to have won with 52%-53% of vote

(Newser) - Socialist Francois Hollande looks like the likely winner of France's tightly-contested runoff election today, according to early exit polls, defeating conservative incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy. Hollande edged out Sarkozy in the first round of voting, and early returns show him up with between 52% and 53% of the vote. Sarkozy,... More »

Sarkozy to Strike Back Over Gadhafi Pay Claim

Promises to take action by Sunday

(Newser) - Nicolas Sarkozy says he will take action against a prominent French website that accused him of being offered $66 million from Moammar Gadhafi in 2006 to finance his first presidential run . The AP reports that Mediapart on Saturday claimed to have a Libyan document in hand that verifies the offer.... More »

Far Right Does Amazingly Well in French Election

Marine Le Pen nabbed close to 20% of the vote

(Newser) - Marine Le Pen may not have made it into the runoff round of France's presidential election , but she was arguably the biggest winner of the night, bringing in between 18% and 20% of the vote. It was the best-ever showing for the far-right National Front, even surpassing her father'... More »

With Sarkozy's Career on the Line, France Votes

Francois Hollande likely to head to runoff with Sarko

(Newser) - Throngs are voting today in Round 1 of France's presidential elections in what's seen as a referendum on Nicolas Sarkozy's economic stewardship and divisive personality, reports the AP . Early polls show a 28% turnout in the vote, which will trim the field of 10 candidates to two... More »

Sarkozy Threatens to Exit Schengen

His campaign flagging, French Prez tacks to the right

(Newser) - With Nicolas Sarkozy trailing his Socialist rival in the polls, the French president moved sharply to the right in a fiery speech yesterday, blasting the EU, insisting on stricter immigration policies, and calling for a "Buy EU Act"—otherwise, France could withdraw from the Schengen accords, which allow... More »

French Frontrunner Wants 75% Tax on Millionaires

Francois Hollande: Those making more than 1M euros should pay huge rate

(Newser) - A poll out today continues to give Francois Hollande the edge over Nicolas Sarkozy in round one of France's presidential election, 31.5% to 27%, and a hearty lead in the runoff, 58% to 42%. Should the Socialist frontrunner indeed win, here's another percentage that will likely be... More »

François Hollande to Run Against Sarkozy

Longtime party official says he can restore 'French dream'

(Newser) - The French Socialists have a candidate for next year's presidential elections (and, surprise, it's not DSK), so now preparations can really begin for the Nicolas Sarkozy showdown, reports the BBC . The Socialists yesterday chose François Hollande—a longtime party official who has never held a ministerial-level office—... More »

French Don't Want DSK to Run: Poll

53% say they don't want Strauss-Kahn to seek presidency

(Newser) - Dominique Strauss-Kahn may have beat rape charges in New York , but the French electorate does not look very forgiving—just 23% of people in France want DSK to even attempt to squeeze his way into the Socialist primary, according to a new poll. With the Socialist nomination process already underway,... More »

DSK to Resume Bid for Presidency?

Missed deadline makes Socialist nomination tricky

(Newser) - If the judge dismisses the sexual assault charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn today as expected, Strauss-Kahn could be on a plane bound for France within hours—and ready to re-enter the French presidential race, reports the Guardian . Although Strauss-Kahn missed the July deadline for joining the Socialist party's primary, another... More »

Bardot Hot for French Presidency

Nicolas Sarkozy 'takes me for an imbecile,' says animal rights campaigner

(Newser) - France's beloved former sex kitten Brigitte Bardot is threatening to run for the French presidency since leader Nicolas Sarkozy "took me for an imbecile" over her demands for animal rights. The Ecology Alliance party has asked the 76-year-old star to run for France's top slot in 2012. "We... More »

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