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Thomas Is Guilty; Anita Hill Is Owed an Apology

Kornacki: If he's still playing the victim, the case is still relevant

(Newser) - If you're tired of reliving the Clarence Thomas saga in the wake of his wife's request for an apology and his old girlfriend's support of Anita Hill, well tough. The case still matters, writes Steve Kornacki at Salon . He presents a thorough look at the evidence presented at the hearing... More »

Clarence Thomas 'Obsessed With Porn': Ex

And partial to big breasts, too, says Lillian McEwen

(Newser) - Ginni Thomas must be wishing she’d never extended that “olive branch” to Anita Hill : Clarence Thomas’s ex, who first spoke out Wednesday , is back—with a lot more to say about the Supreme Court justice. Hill’s allegations that Thomas made sexual advances toward her come as... More »

2 Stories