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Trojan's New Campaign: More Consent

Condom company spreading a 'culture of consent' on college campuses

(Newser) - April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and for the second year in a row, the maker of Trojan condoms wants to help spread the word around college campuses through its "Consent: Ask for It" campaign with the Advocates for Youth nonprofit, per a press release . The goal: for college... More »

Students: Here's How Often We Get Raped

Survey adds to 'rape crisis' data in US colleges

(Newser) - A new survey only adds to the growing perception that there's a rape crisis in US colleges, the Washington Post reports. According to 150,000 students responding at 27 schools, more than one in five female undergraduates have been sexually assaulted (including forced kissing or groping) and 11% experienced... More »

Seinfeld Slam of 'PC' Campuses Resonates

One columnist thinks he's right, but a college student challenges him

(Newser) - Jerry Seinfeld made some waves by telling ESPN radio this week that he doesn't do shows on college campuses anymore because students are too politically correct. He doubled down on Seth Meyers' show last night, complaining about the "creepy PC thing out there," an atmosphere in which... More »

Date Rape Drug Found at Brown University

At least one student drank punch spiked with date rape drug at October frat party

(Newser) - When two students felt extremely inebriated really quickly and then suffered memory loss at a Brown University frat party in mid-October, and one of them reported being sexually assaulted, they took their concerns to school officials, wondering if the punch was spiked. Now one of those students has tested positive... More »

Occupiers Battle for New Ground: College Campuses

Occupy Colleges starts new wave of protest movement

(Newser) - With city police cracking down on Occupiers nationwide, many protesters are looking for a new place to set up camp: university lawns. Occupiers have pitches their tents at only a few schools so far, but several did so at Berkeley this week after some 3,000 people demonstrated against tuition... More »

Guns Now Allowed on Arizona Campuses

But bill was watered down to keep guns out of university buildings

(Newser) - Arizona's House yesterday approved a bill allowing people to have guns while walking or driving through state university and community college campuses, sending the measure to Jan Brewer for her signature. The Senate had already passed the controversial bill, but not before watering it down a bit, changing it to... More »

Texas Bill Would Put Guns on Campus

Seven other states pursuing similar legislation

(Newser) - Will arming students prevent school shootings? A group of Texas Republicans think so—they’re pushing a bill that would remove college campuses from the list of gun-free zones, NPR reports. “Right now, so-called gun-free zones, I think, ought to be renamed Victims Zones,” one state senator says.... More »

Quidditch Takes a Cutthroat Turn

Players are battling for the soul of the sport

(Newser) - Harry Potter's favorite game of Quidditch is continuing to sweep US college campuses with techniques and rules making matches more competitive. The real-life game that began at Middlebury has "grown up," and now involves deadly serious faceoffs, new brooms (that don't make players fly), and a 60-team World... More »

8 Stories