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Tea Partier's Protest Plan: No More Hiring

She encourages small-business owners to go 'on strike'

(Newser) - Well, here’s one idea for small businesses to help get us out of this economic mess we’re in: Stop hiring people! That’s the proposal from Tea Party Nation member Melissa Brookstone in a manifesto picked up (and derided) by Gawker and Wonkette . Brookstone’s post accuses the... More »

Sarah Palin Rejects Run for RNC Chair

Alaskan doesn't want to be GOP 'fundraiser-in-chief'

(Newser) - The number of candidates seeking to replace Michael Steele as chief of the Republican National Committee is growing by the week—but Sarah Palin has rejected calls for her to enter the fray. Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips wrote to the Alaskan urging her to run for the job,... More »

Tea Party Boss: Only Property Owners Should Be Able to Vote

Suggests return to 18th-century rule

(Newser) - The president of the Tea Party Nation says it “makes a lot of sense” to limit voting rights to those who own property. On the group’s radio show two weeks ago, Judson Phillips noted that the Founding Fathers stuck “certain restrictions” on voting rights; while some “... More »

Tea Party: Don't Vote for This Muslim

Republican accuses Rep. Keith Ellison of helping terrorists

(Newser) - The head of a national Tea Party group says voters should oppose Rep. Keith Ellison—because he’s a Muslim. In a letter sent out last weekend, Tea Party Nation leader Judson Phillips enumerated his grievances with the Minnesota rep thusly, according to the New York Daily News : “He... More »

4 Stories