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Grandma Living in Trees for 25 Years Told to Destroy Home

Miami-Dade County officials says Shawnee Chasser's treehouse is unsafe

(Newser) - For almost a quarter-century, Shawnee Chasser has returned home in the evenings to a house in the trees, the latest one a wooden two-story structure built high above the ground on the Florida property where her late son used to live. But Miami-Dade County officials are now ordering the 65-year-old... More »

Township Orders Teen to Tear Down Treehouse

She built it as part of a class project

(Newser) - A two-story treehouse sounds pretty cool, right? Apparently not so for a certain resident of a neighborhood in Leet Township, Pa., who complained about the treehouse 14-year-old Elisa Truchan built in her front yard in February as part of an eighth-grade class project. The Township Council has since ordered the... More »

Homeowner Fights to Keep Treehouse

City says it's a public hazard, but Washington state resident disagrees

(Newser) - Zeb Postelwait of Washington state always wanted to build a treehouse for his sons. He got the chance last summer after moving into a Wenatchee home with a big tree in the front yard. Two months later he received his first notice from the city to tear it down. Authorities... More »

Man, Son Spent 40 Years Alone in Jungle Treehouse

Ho Van Thanh fled the Vietnam War and never came back

(Newser) - After a bomb killed Ho Van Thanh's wife and two of his sons during the Vietnam War, Ho took his 1-year-old son into the jungle—and never came back. That was 40 years ago. On Wednesday, officials carried the too-weak-to-move 82-year-old away from the treehouse he and his son... More »

Manhattan Treehouse Survives Court Fight

Neighbor complained that it 'looks unsafe'

(Newser) - Building a treehouse in your own back yard won’t usually land you in trouble with the law—unless your back yard is in Greenwich Village. Melinda Hackett learned that the hard way, when a neighbor called the police to report a “structure in the rear which is nailed... More »

5 Stories