Zahra Baker

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Stepmom Charged in Death of Zahra Baker

NC officials allege Elisa Baker had 'history of abuse'

(Newser) - North Carolina today charged Elisa Baker with second-degree murder, alleging that she alone brutally killed and dismembered her freckle-faced stepdaughter, Zahra Baker. Autopsy results released today show the 10-year-old died of "undetermined homicidal violence," and the Charlotte Observer reports that several bones had not been recovered, including her... More »

'Chainsaw Massacre' Chat Linked to Girl's Murder

Zahra Baker, 10, was killed the same day as chilling conversation, cops believe

(Newser) - Her parents' creepy chat about a "virtual chainsaw massacre" emerged on the internet the same time their young daughter may have met an unbelievably horrific end. Police, who recovered pieces of the 10-year-girl in the North Carolina woods, aren't revealing how Zahra Baker was killed. But her stepmom has... More »

10-Year-Old Zahra Baker May Have Been Raped

DNA tests confirm that remains are hers

(Newser) - Rough development in the case of murdered 10-year-old Zahra Baker in North Carolina: Unsealed court documents show that the disabled girl may have been raped by two men and then dismembered in the family bathtub, reports AOL News . A confidential source told police that one of the men had "... More »

NC Cops May Have Break in Zahra Baker Disappearance

Reports say human remains analyzed

(Newser) - Police say they've discovered new evidence in the case of a missing disabled North Carolina girl, but authorities are being tightlipped about it. Local media say "possible human remains" are being analyzed at a crime lab. Ten-year-old Zahra Baker has been missing since Oct. 9, and authorities think she... More »

Missing Girl's Fake Leg Found, Parents Grilled

Cops digging up family's backyard in North Carolina

(Newser) - A prosthetic leg believed to belong to a missing 10-year-old girl has been found in woods off a North Carolina road, police report. Cops have been hunting for Zahra Baker since early this month after she was last seen in a furniture store. The girl lost her leg to bone... More »

5 Stories