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To Curb M&M-Gobbling Workers, Google Chews Data

Company uses analysis to cut 3.1M calories in 7 weeks

(Newser) - Should you ever doubt Google's analytical prowess, just re-read this article. The Washington Post takes a look at Project M&M, which is exactly what you think it couldn't possibly be: the company's analysis of its employees' perceived over-consumption of the free candy, to the detriment of... More »

Google Employees' Latest Perk: Servants

It's all part of the tech giant's attempt to woo the best and the brightest

(Newser) - Should you need a reason to hate your job a little bit more, get a load of the latest perk Google is offering its employees: "runners" (or, as Gawker helpfully identifies them, "servants") who can empty the trash, scrub the bathroom, or do any other pesky chore... More »

2 Stories