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57% of Men Are Simply More Inclined to Promiscuity

Study finds humans are split into 'stay' and 'stray' groups

(Newser) - A new study finds that, despite your intentions, you may simply be inclined to cheat or not to cheat. As reports, humans appear to be the rare mammals that can be either monogamous or polygamous—other species are typically one or the other. And now, University of Oxford... More »

Neanderthals More Promiscuous Than Us

Finger length points to Stone Age promiscuity

(Newser) - Stone-Age men were Neanderthals in more ways than one. Finger length among Stone-Age humans indicates they were far more promiscuous than humans today, say scientists. Researchers had already determined that a smaller ratio between the length of an individual's ring and index finger is an indication of greater promiscuity among... More »

2 Stories