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World's 100 Most Powerful Women

Angela Merkel is No. 1, with Hillary Clinton in the second spot

(Newser) - Forbes is out with its annual list of the world's 100 most powerful women, with the top 10 a mix of mostly familiar names from the worlds of politics, humanitarianism, and tech:
  1. Angela Merkel: The German chancellor is trying to reshape the European Union.
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World's Most Powerful Woman Is...

Angela Merkel, followed by Hillary Clinton

(Newser) - Want to get onto Forbes ’ annual 100 Most Powerful Women list? Better get yourself into one of these six categories, which is where all of this year’s candidates came from: billionaires, business, lifestyle, media, nonprofits, and politics. Candidates were ranked by money, traditional and social media influence, and... More »

Hu Jintao Unseats Obama on Forbes' Most Powerful List

And you can bet Forbes knew it would provoke headlines like this one

(Newser) - As if Barack Obama wasn’t having a bad enough week, Forbes has dropped him to No. 2 on its annual “Most Powerful People” list, citing his electoral defeat as a major reason. “It's quite a come-down for last year's most powerful person, who after enacting widespread reforms... More »

3 Stories