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NASA Spacecraft Set to Rendezvous With Comet

It'll be within 125 miles of Manhattan-sized rock

(Newser) - A NASA spacecraft is about to make a massive comet its valentine. If all goes as planned, the Stardust spacecraft will get up close and personal today with a comet half the size of Manhattan that’s hurtling through space at 24,000 miles per hour, the Washington Post reports.... More »

NASA Probe Passes 'Snow Globe' Comet

Hartley covered with golf ball-size 'snowballs'

(Newser) - NASA's Deep Impact probe soared past a comet earlier this month, revealing the mass to be peppered with "snowballs," the BBC reports. Comet Hartley, encountered some 14 million miles from Earth, "looks like a 'snow globe' that you've just simply shaken,” said a scientist. Another noted... More »

NASA Probe Sweeps Past 'Space Peanut'

Hartley 2 comet is spewing out cyanide gas

(Newser) - NASA's Deep Impact probe is sending back amazing images from the comet Hartley 2, say team scientists. The probe, after a journey of 2.9 billion miles, came to within 435 miles for a fly-by of the intriguing peanut-shaped comet, the BBC reports. The comet is roughly 1.4 miles... More »

3 Stories