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This Interview Was Disgusting

Peggy Noonan was not a fan of Steve Kroft's sitdown with Obama and Clinton

(Newser) - Peggy Noonan was a huge fan of Dodge's " So God Made a Farmer " Super Bowl ad—it "spoke respectfully and even reverently of others," was expressly religious, and above all contained the "clear, clean" oration of Paul Harvey, a broadcaster with unabashed values but... More »

Clinton, Obama All Smiles on 60 Minutes

But no hints about 2016 plans

(Newser) - In a scene that would have been hard to imagine during the bruising 2008 primary campaign, President Obama and Hillary Clinton acted like old friends during their joint interview on 60 Minutes last night, the Washington Post reports. Obama thanked his departing secretary of state for her service , but the... More »

Assange: WikiLeaks Shares Founding Fathers' Values

Site doesn't 'go after' anyone, he tells CBS

(Newser) - Julian Assange says he doesn’t dislike the US; instead, WikiLeaks is motivated by the same values as the Founding Fathers. “Our founding values are those of the US revolution,” he told 60 Minutes last night. “They are those of people like Jefferson and Madison.” Indeed,... More »

Note to Presidents: Words Matter

Obama, Bush must recognize that demeanor isn't trivial

(Newser) - In office, George W. Bush seemed laid back no matter what, while Barack Obama “has not been a happy warrior.” Both men have been true to form in major interviews over the past week, writes Howard Kurtz in the Daily Beast . Obama acknowledged discouragement—a fair point, but... More »

Obama: Tone Has 'Slipped'

Prez talks mistakes, midterms on 60 Minutes

(Newser) - President Obama acknowledged mistakes since entering office, including “slipping” on maintaining a better tone in Washington, in a 60 Minutes interview last night, Politico reports. “Part of my promise to the American people when I was elected was to maintain the kind of tone that says we can... More »

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