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Rahm Not Eligible for Mayor Job: Lawsuit

Meanwhile, Emanuel's tenant decides to run against him

(Newser) - Two pieces of bad news for Rahm Emanuel: One, his stubborn tenant is, in fact, running for Chicago mayor against him. Two, the fact that he’s running brings attention to the belief that Emanuel isn’t a Chicago resident—which is exactly what two residents charge in a lawsuit... More »

Rahm's Renter Weighs a Run Against Him

GOP tries to recruit Emanuel's stubborn tenant Rob Halpin

(Newser) - Remember Rob Halpin , the guy who won’t let Rahm Emanuel move back into his Chicago home? Well, he’s considering running for mayor against his landlord, John Kass of the Chicago Tribune reports. “This was not my idea,” Halpin tells Kass. “I was approached by some... More »

Renter Won't Give Up Rahm's Chicago Home

Rob Halpin won't even allow Emanuel to crash in the basement

(Newser) - As White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel is one powerful hombre—but he’s apparently powerless in the face of Rob Halpin, the guy renting his house in Chicago. Halpin re-signed the lease to the place on Sept. 1—just six days before Mayor Richard Daley announced he would... More »

3 Stories