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The Longer You Can Do This, the More Friends You May Have

The connection between friends and pain tolerance is explored

(Newser) - Having a healthy network of friends can do you a lot of good , but can it also save you from a lot of pain? Researchers reporting in the journal Scientific Reports seem to think so. They say that one's ability to tolerate pain can actually predict the size of... More »

Guess What the New Twitter Redesign Looks Like?

If you said 'Facebook,' you win

(Newser) - Starting today, Twitter is rolling out a redesigned profile that will eventually hit all users—and basically every report on the redesign is noting the similarity between the new profile pages and Facebook's profile pages. Among the changes: There's now a full header photo (think Facebook's cover... More »

Your Friends Change—but Not How Many You Have

Study finds we have finite capacity for close relationships

(Newser) - A new study offers a rather stark picture of how long-term friendships work: While we might not stay friends with the same people throughout our lives, we do tend to maintain the same number of friends, researchers say. In other words, "our capacity for maintaining emotionally close relationships is... More »

Facebook Private Messages Aren't So Private: Suit

Network scans them to boost its ad sales, a California lawsuit claims

(Newser) - An alarming claim has popped up in a California class action lawsuit: Facebook is accused of violating privacy boundaries by reading your private messages whenever it fancies. The suit claims the social network scans private messages, looking for websites users send to each other, for "purposes including but not... More »

5 Stars Who Shun Social Media

Don't bother searching for these guys on Twitter, Facebook

(Newser) - Kim Kardashian may earn up to $10,000 per tweet , but even the money-making prospect hasn't convinced these nine celebrities rounded up by PopSugar to get on social media. Click through the gallery for a sampling, or check out the full list here , including one star who's not... More »

NSA's New Spying Tool: Social Networks

NYT: Agency looks at Americans' connections to create 'sophisticated' profiles

(Newser) - Thanks to Edward Snowden, we already knew that the NSA was gathering all kinds of data—or "metadata," as the agency prefers—about Americans' phone calls and emails. But just how does it assess all that information? By creating a social network of sorts—but one that nobody... More »

Indiana Dumps Facebook Ban on Sex Offenders

Law found to be too broad by appeals court

(Newser) - An Indiana law that bans registered sex offenders from accessing Facebook and other social networking sites that can be accessed by children is unconstitutional, a federal appeals court ruled today. The 7th US Circuit of Appeals in Chicago overturned a federal judge's decision upholding the law, saying the "... More »

IPO Rumors Chirp for Twitter

Recent moves have analysts looking to public offering in 2014

(Newser) - Twitter could finally be going public. Well, in 2014, according to a new report by IPO-watchers Greencrest Capital. With an estimated valuation of more than $11 billion and a recent spate of high profile management hires and reshuffles, "you can begin to see Twitter’s potential flightpath," writes... More »

Zuckerberg Hangs With Medvedev in Moscow

He hopes to boost Facebook's presence in Russia

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg is in Moscow today, but it's hardly a vacation: He's meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to talk about cooperation in start-ups and IT technology, AFP reports. Zuckerbeg clearly hopes to boost Facebook's presence in Russia, where Russian-language social network VKontakte reigns supreme. Russian firms... More »

Birthday Reminders Coming to Google Homepage

Company boosts its social appeal

(Newser) - Google put an ad on its minimalistic front page for the first time yesterday, and soon it will start giving away more of that desirable real estate … for birthday reminders. Yep, within the next few days, any Google+ member performing a search on in English will see... More »

Facebook Flags Chats of Alleged Sex Predator

Suspect arrested in Canada after conversations with girl, 13

(Newser) - Employees at Facebook helped nab an accused sexual predator after his computer chats raised red flags. The suspect, a 25-year-old male, was engaging in explicit chats with a 13-year-old girl, which caught the attention of Facebook staffers who alerted Winnipeg police. Authorities arrested the man, though not until after he... More »

Apple Considers Big Investment in Twitter

New York Times: Company is trying to catch up in social media

(Newser) - Google has Google Plus, Microsoft has a stake in Facebook, and Apple has ... Ping? OK, Ping has been mostly a disaster , which is why Apple is on the hunt for a new social network partner and it looks like Twitter might be its best bet, reports the New York Times... More »

Users Like Google+ Better Than Facebook

But Facebook still has more users—way more users

(Newser) - Finally, some good news for Google+. The most recent American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) finds that users are much happier with the Google social network than they are with Facebook. Facebook scored 61 out of 100 in customer satisfaction (down from 66 last year), while Google+ scored 78. Of course,... More »

Get Ready for New Ads in Your Facebook App

Other companies' apps will be touted in your mobile News Feed

(Newser) - Could this be the way to solve Facebook's mobile revenue woes ? The company will soon offer a new kind of mobile advertising that will place ads for apps in users' mobile News Feeds, based on other apps that user has on his phone, reports the Wall Street Journal... More »

Next to Join Facebook: Kids Under 13?

Site explores online child-safety measures

(Newser) - Facebook has long banned kids under 13, but that could be about to change: The site is investigating ways to let children join—with built-in parental supervision. For instance, kids' accounts might be tied to those of their parents; mom and dad could get control over what apps kids can... More »

New Issue for Facebook: Young Kids Not Interested?

Site called 'mom thing' by some as they turn to Twitter, Tumblr

(Newser) - Sure, it's got 900 million users—but there's a key demographic that may be slipping away from Facebook's grasp. Young teens tell the Los Angeles Times that the social network no longer boasts much of a coolness factor; indeed, it may have become a "mom thing"... More »

Facebook Stock Falls Below $30

Social network sees 20% plunge since IPO

(Newser) - Facebook shares continue to plummet: They've now dropped more than 20% from their $38 IPO price, falling below $30 today to their lowest point yet, reports Reuters . At about 12:45pm EDT they were trading at $29.44. But among tech stocks, $30 per share still gives it a... More »

11 Things You Need to Stop Doing on Twitter

Here's a tip: No one cares about your food

(Newser) - If you want to avoid driving away all the Twitter followers you've accumulated, you may want to take a look at this list from Katie Heaney on BuzzFeed of 11 things that will really, really annoy them:
  • Using your followers as Google: If you want to know what restaurant
... More »

Facebook Tries Charging Users to Promote Posts

Test running in New Zealand only

(Newser) - Want to make sure your friends see your latest uber-important Facebook update? Now you can—if you live in New Zealand and are willing to drop a couple bucks. Facebook is testing a service in the country that allows users to pay between about 40 cents and $2 to highlight... More »

64% of Tweets Are Totally Boring

We only actually like 36% of what shows up in our stream: study

(Newser) - A new study in the Harvard Business Review confirms what you probably already know if you've spent any time on Twitter: Just 36% of tweets are actually worth reading. Another 39% are "just OK," and a full quarter aren't worth your time. That's according to... More »

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