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Dodgers Must Pay Beaten Fan $15M

Team found negligent in attack on Bryan Stow

(Newser) - The Dodgers must pay about $15 million to a fan who suffered brain damage in a 2011 attack on Opening Day, reports Reuters . Jurors found the team negligent in the beating suffered by Bryan Stow in a parking lot after the game. Two Dodgers fans attacked the Giants fan so... More »

Baseball Fan Busted Napping Sues ESPN

Andrew Rector also suing Yankees, MLB, 2 announcers for defamation

(Newser) - There's no napping in baseball. When 26-year-old Yankees fan Andrew Rector fell asleep during a game against the Red Sox on April 13, an ESPN cameraman lingered on his snoozing face and two announcers launched into a diatribe that included the words "stupor, stupid, fatty, and unintelligent"—... More »

Teammate Bites Off Part of MLB Prospect's Ear

Alex Guerrero to have reattachment surgery

(Newser) - It's like Mike Tyson all over again. After a pair of Los Angeles Dodgers prospects got in a fight, one ended up with part of his ear bitten off. There's still hope, however, for infielder Alex Guerrero and his ear: He's set to have plastic surgery to... More »

'Cowards' Sentenced for Savage Giants Fan Beating

Prosecutor: Pair got off easy

(Newser) - "You are the biggest nightmare for individuals who attend public events," an angry judge told two LA Dodgers fans yesterday before sentencing them for a savage, unprovoked attack outside Dodger stadium in 2011 that left San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow permanently disabled. The judge called Louie Sanchez... More »

Meet the Highest-Paid Pitcher in History

Clayton Kershaw becomes first $200M pitcher

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw has smashed salary records with a new 7-year, $215 million contract, sources tell ESPN . The deal makes the two-time Cy Young award-winner the first $200 million-plus pitcher in Major League Baseball history, and his salary of $30.7 million is a record for any... More »

Dodgers, Giants Rivalry Claims Another Victim

LA fan is stabbed to death in altercation

(Newser) - Police say it was indeed a fight over rival baseball teams that led to the fatal stabbing of a 24-year-old man in San Francisco Wednesday night. Jonathan Denver was wearing Dodgers gear when his group encountered a group of Giants fans on a street outside the Giants' stadium, reports the... More »

The Priciest Team in Sports History Is Now...

The Los Angeles Dodgers spend record-breaking bucks

(Newser) - Move over, New York Yankees. The LA Dodgers are on a mind-numbing spending spree that makes the club the most expensive in sports history, with 2013 payroll clocking in at $210 million, Yahoo Sports reports. Fueled by a local-television contract that will rake in $6 billion to $7 billion over... More »

Red Sox Dump 'Rogue' Players in Dodgers Trade

Adrian Gonzalez and Josh Beckett go to LA in 9-player trade

(Newser) - The Boston Red Sox removed a locker-room cancer and the Los Angeles Dodgers acquired three star players in a landmark 9-player trade today, USA Today reports. Initially the Dodgers wanted only first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, but the Red Sox added pitcher Josh Beckett, injured outfielder Carl Crawford, and $10 million,... More »

Magic Johnson Group Buys Dodgers for $2B

Frank McCourt accepts record-breaking bid

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Dodgers will become the most expensive sports franchise ever sold under a deal reached between owner Frank McCourt and a group led by Magic Johnson. The $2.3 billion all-cash deal includes $2 billion for the team, and $150 million for a joint venture on land surrounding... More »

Frank McCourt Selling the Dodgers

Owner, MLB agree to auction

(Newser) - Frank McCourt will auction off the Dodgers, marking an end to a particularly turbulent season that included a high-profile beating , a lawsuit related to the beating, a near-takeover by Major League Baseball, and a bankruptcy filing —not to mention a disappointing record and less-than-stellar ticket sales. McCourt and the... More »

LAPD Clears Dodgers Beating Suspect

2 new suspects busted for attack on Giants fan that left dad in coma

(Newser) - The LAPD has arrested two new men in connection with the near-fatal beating of a Giants fan at Dodger Stadium after clearing the fan cops busted in May . Police had expressed confidence that parolee Giovanni Ramirez was the man they were after but they had struggled to build a case... More »

Baseball's New Fave Booze: Tequila

Five clubs sign sponsorship deals with distillers

(Newser) - Big-league baseball teams are hitting the hard stuff. After years of sponsorship from beer companies, five ball clubs this year have teamed up with liquor brands. The spirit of choice: tequila, which saw the biggest sales jump among spirits between 2001 and 2010. “Lots of people think of beer... More »

Dodgers File for Bankruptcy: Manny Ramirez Biggest Creditor

Move comes days before payroll due

(Newser) - With owner Frank McCourt unable to meet this week’s payroll, the Los Angeles Dodgers have filed for bankruptcy. McCourt will likely hold that this means Major League Baseball can’t take over the team, notes Craig Calcaterra at NBC Sports , though the courts may decide otherwise in the coming... More »

Bud Selig Scuttles Dodgers' TV Deal, McCourt Divorce

But MLB doesn't move to seize woeful team

(Newser) - Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig gave Dodgers' owner Frank McCourt a major league headache today after putting the kibosh on a proposed TV deal between the Dodgers and Fox—and simultaneously squashing McCourt's divorce deal from Jamie McCourt. Selig said the deal was "structured to facilitate the... More »

Dud Dad Drops Kid for Foul Ball

Dodgers fan fails at parenting—and catching

(Newser) - A Dodgers fan who dropped his daughter when he saw a foul ball coming his way ended up catching nothing but an earful from stadium security. The little girl was unharmed—but she gave her dad an elbow in the ribs as he tried to pick her up again afterward.... More »

Attacked Fan's Family Sues Dodgers

Suit accuses team of negligence

(Newser) - The family of a Giants fan beaten into a coma outside Dodgers stadium nearly 2 months ago say the team could have done a lot more to prevent the attack. Bryan Stow's family has filed a lawsuit against the Dodgers and owner Frank McCourt, accusing the team of negligence... More »

LA Man Busted in Vicious Attack on Giants Fan

Cops still hunting second suspect in attack that left dad Bryan Stow in coma

(Newser) - A Dodgers booster suspected of attacking a father of two after a Giants game has finally been busted, according to officials. Operating on a tip, a Los Angeles SWAT team nabbed the man and four others in an East Hollywood apartment, reports ABC News . Giovanni Ramirez, 31, was booked for... More »

Fans Rejoice at Dodgers Takeover

But battle for the fate of the team could be a long one

(Newser) - There is general jubilation among Dodgers fans today, after Major League Baseball seized control of the team from wildly unpopular owner Frank McCourt. “Seven years here with the Boston Parking Lot Attendant and the Screaming Meanie, and clueless reporters are asking Dodgers officials Wednesday if this is the darkest... More »

League May Boot Owner of 'Soap Opera' Dodgers

MLB takes control of team finances from Frank McCourt

(Newser) - Boston real estate developer Frank McCourt once tried to buy his hometown Red Sox, and Boston fans should rejoice today that the deal fell through. McCourt instead bought the Los Angeles Dodgers, and he's made such a mess of things that Major League Baseball today took over the finances... More »

LA Vows to Make Dodger Stadium Safe

LAPD: You're going to see a sea of blue; it's not going to be Dodger blue'

(Newser) - Los Angeles authorities have vowed to dramatically increase security at Dodger Stadium following the near-fatal beating of a Giants fan. At "an absolute minimum," the police force will double the number of uniformed officers patrolling the stadium and boost the number of plainclothes cops in the area, announced... More »

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