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Baby Dolphin Dies After People Can't Stop Touching It

It was dead by the time a rescue group arrived

(Newser) - A baby dolphin that beached itself on the shores of Mojacar in southeastern Spain was quickly surrounded by a mob of curious beachgoers, many out for a good selfie, reports Newsweek . The calf was likely sick or had become separated from its mother, and someone called the local emergency number.... More »

Peru: Climate Change Behind Dead Animals?

Dead dolphins, birds could have been affected by warming waters

(Newser) - Peru may finally have an answer for the 5,000 birds and nearly 900 dolphins that have died on its northern coast: climate change. As waters warm, food supply is disrupted, says the country’s deputy environment minister. A weather expert also confirms warmer waters due to El Niño... More »

Peru: Steer Clear of Beach Til We Solve Animal Mystery

Government claims virus, starvation likely causes of dolphin, bird deaths

(Newser) - Peru insists that the hundreds of dead dolphins that have washed up on its coast are not related to the hundreds of dead seabirds that also recently began turning up. But no definitive cause has yet been released, three months after the government started testing the dolphins, and some are... More »

Mystery Deepens as 500 Pelicans Die in Peru

Deaths in same area as mass dolphin die-off

(Newser) - More dead sea creatures are turning up on the shores of Peru. Over the past several days, 538 pelicans, 54 boobies, five sea lions, and a turtle have been found along a 40-mile stretch of coast, reports the BBC . The animals apparently died on the beach, and not at sea,... More »

Cape Cod Awash in Mass Dolphin Strandings

177 dolphins beached in past month

(Newser) - Over the past month, 177 dolphins have stranded themselves on Cape Cod , nearly five times the average of a typical full year, and 124 of those have died. As researchers struggle to understand what's behind the mass beachings, the International Fund for Animal Welfare works to help the dolphins... More »

Many Beached Dolphins Are Deaf

Hearing loss can cause dolphins to get lost, go hungry

(Newser) - In an undersea world where hearing is as valuable—sometimes more valuable—than sight, being deaf can be a death sentence. New research finds that many dolphins stranded near shore have hearing loss, and researchers theorize that loss could explain why they're beached. Without the ability to hear, dolphins can't... More »

6 Stories