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Too Little Sleep Is Same for Brain as Too Much Booze

UCLA study zeros in on how individual cells slow down during sleep deprivation

(Newser) - When you don't get enough sleep, parts of your brain are going to take catnaps the next day, even while you're ostensibly up and awake, a new study suggests. The results can have real-world consequences, says lead researcher Itzhak Fried of UCLA, who uses the example of a... More »

There's a Delicious Way to Fight Dementia

Study: Blueberries boost cognitive function in those with mild impairments

(Newser) - Think your memory is starting to slip? Start munching on blueberries. Researchers at the University of Cincinnati say chowing down on the "superfruit" may help treat patients with cognitive impairments. Elaborating on earlier research that showed animals who consumed blueberries saw improved cognitive function, scientists conducted two studies: In... More »

Apes May Be Closer to Speaking Than We Thought

Koko the gorilla can produce nine distinct vocalization and breathing behaviors

(Newser) - Researchers have long assumed that speaking is an impossibility for apes because they can't properly control their vocalizations or their breathing. But now a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Wisconsin is reporting in the journal Animal Cognition that apes may in fact be closer to talking than we... More »

Want to Nag Your Spouse About Health? Use This Study

If his or her health is poor as you age, your quality of life may suffer

(Newser) - Learning a new language might help you fight the effects of aging, but new research out of the University of Arizona suggests at least two factors affecting your quality of life are out of your hands—and in those of your spouse. Over six years, 8,000 married couples... More »

To Keep Memory Greased, Go Mediterranean

Diet with olive oil, nuts, may slow cognitive decline: study

(Newser) - A Mediterranean diet doesn't just add years to your life , it may also help you remember those years more clearly. A small study suggests a diet high in vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, plus olive oil or nuts, can improve memory and brain power, Reuters reports. Researchers in Barcelona... More »

Early, Chronic Stoners Always in a Haze: Study

Heavy tokers score lower on cognitive tests

(Newser) - Stoners who start smoking pot heavily before the age of 16 score significantly lower on cognitive tests than their non-toking counterparts—and worse than those who become stoners later in life, according to researchers. The average age of those studied was 22, and researchers defined a chronic marijuana user as... More »

6 Stories