Cedric Miller

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Anti-Facebook Pastor 'Taking Some Time Off'

... After his old threesomes come to light

(Newser) - Perhaps acknowledging that lesson about glass houses and stones, the New Jersey pastor who banned church staff from using Facebook—lest it foment affairs—has stepped down after it was revealed he engaged in regular threesomes 10 years ago. The Rev. Cedric Miller tells the AP he is "taking... More »

Facebook-Banning Pastor Has Sins of His Own

On cue, an old scandal is back in the papers

(Newser) - The pastor who ordered church leaders off Facebook lest they be tempted with infidelity is now dealing with an embarrassing flap of his own complete with extramarital adventures. This week's attention has dredged up a 2003 court case in which Cedric Miller had to tell the court all about the... More »

NJ Reverend: Thou Shalt Not Facebook

...lest it lead to infidelity

(Newser) - A New Jersey pastor has demanded that all married church officials under him delete their Facebook accounts or resign, lest the social networking site lead them to sin. Rev. Cedric Miller says 20 couples from his 1,100-member congregation have had Facebook-related marital problems in the past six months alone.... More »

3 Stories