Facebook is bad for you

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Facebook Makes Us Feel Bad About Our Lives

Those who use it more often think others are happier: study

(Newser) - One quick way to feel better about your life: Delete your Facebook account. Or, at the very least, spend less time on it. A new study suggests that the more you use Facebook, the more likely you are to believe that your friends are happier and lead better lives than... More »

Couple Names Kid After Facebook's 'Like'

If ever there was a time for that elusive 'dislike' button

(Newser) - Let's see if this kid gets kicked off Mark Zuckerberg's website: The Huffington Post tells the tale of an Israeli couple who have named their defenseless infant girl "Like"—like, as in Facebook. But rather than trying for a cheap 15 minutes of fame, Lior and... More »

Teacher Mocks 7-Year-Old Student's Hair on Facebook

Posts pictures for friends: 'And y'all thought I was joking!'

(Newser) - A Chicago teacher is under fire after she posted pictures of a second-grader’s strange hairstyle on Facebook—and then publicly made fun of it. Inspired by a picture in a magazine, a 7-year-old had asked her mom to tie Jolly Rancher candies to the bottom of her braids for... More »

How to Beat 'Facebook Envy'

Meghan Daum: Look at your page; maybe you're not such a loser after all

(Newser) - A recent Stanford study has brought the phrase "Facebook envy" into the vernacular, notes Meghan Daum. Essentially, people tend to think everyone else is way happier than themselves, a notion particularly reinforced by the site. Spend enough time cruising through all those oh-so-joyful photos and announcements posted by others,... More »

Cops Using Facebook to Bust Dumb Criminals

Lack of privacy can be a good thing for investigators

(Newser) - Oversharing on Facebook makes it easier for your boss to fire you , your insurer to hike up your rates , and, apparently, your local police officer to arrest you. It seems not-too-bright criminals have a habit of bragging about their misdeeds on social networking sites—sometimes even including photos—which has... More »

Facebook Can Trigger Asthma: Docs

One asthmatic's 'peak expiratory flow' dropped 20% after logging on

(Newser) - Facebook: a potential minefield for debtors , married couples , and ... people with asthma? Apparently, according to a group of Italian doctors who recount an odd case in the medical journal Lancet. It seems an 18-year-old asthmatic had been in good health until he stumbled upon his ex-girlfriend—and her bevy of... More »

Tenn. Lawmaker Posts Blackface Pic on Facebook

The social networking site claims another victim

(Newser) - Tennessee state Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver is under fire for posting a picture of herself on Facebook ... posing at a Halloween party with her pastor, who is in drag (not the issue) with his face painted black (the issue). The caption the Republican lawmaker typed under the photo adds insult... More »

3 Teachers Fired for Flirting With Students on Facebook

One even posted a picture of herself kissing teen boy

(Newser) - Bad idea: Kissing your 18-year-old former student on the lips. Worse idea: Taking a picture of it. Totally insane idea: Posting that picture to Facebook. It’s just one of the crazy stories coming out of New York City, where at least three educators in the past six months have... More »

Wife Learns of Husband's 2nd Wedding on Facebook

Her search for the other woman turned up something worse

(Newser) - Lynn France knew her husband was having an affair. But when she typed the other woman's name into Facebook, what she found was a whole lot worse: 200 wedding photos. At Disney World. With her husband dressed as Prince Charming. The story gets weirder. France had already confronted the girlfriend—... More »

Waitress Fired for Facebook Rant About Rotten Tip

Cheap customers spark message about NC restaurant

(Newser) - A North Carolina waitress learned about the dangers of social networking the hard way when she lost her job after griping on Facebook about penny-pinching customers. Ashley Johnson served a couple at Brixx Pizza in Charlotte who had a 3-hour lunch—forcing her to work an hour after the end... More »

Prof Suspended for 'Hitman' Facebook Quip

University says allusion to violence had to be taken seriously

(Newser) - A fed-up sociology professor who joked about wanting to hire a hitman for troublesome students has become yet another employee facing Facebook fallout. Gloria Gadsden's bosses at Pennsylvania's Stroudsburg University put her on indefinite leave after a student told them about her update reading "Does anyone know where I... More »

'Sick' Worker Fired for Facebooking

Worker claims company spied on her

(Newser) - Hint to employees: If you say you're sick, don’t use Facebook. A Swiss woman was fired for doing just that, the BBC reports. She claimed her migraine prevented her from working on her computer and asked to lie in a darkened room—where she accessed Facebook through her iPhone.... More »

Court Aide Punished for Friending Juror

Facebook, Twitter poses new challenges for law, official says

(Newser) - A Philadelphia court officer has been suspended for trying to “friend” a female juror on Facebook. The 25-year court veteran defied the rules by contacting her, an administrator tells the Inquirer. The aide is back on the job after 10 days off, but has been moved away from contact... More »

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