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Barbara Bush Now Hospitalized, Too

After experiencing fatigue and coughing

(Newser) - Barbara Bush was hospitalized Wednesday morning, soon after husband George HW Bush's own hospitalization . Per ABC 13 , Barbara Bush experienced fatigue and coughing and was admitted to Houston Methodist Hospital as a precaution. A Bush spokesperson also tells the station the former president, who was initially described as "... More »

The Last 2 GOP Presidents Won't Endorse Trump

In a rare move, both say they're staying out of the election

(Newser) - Jeb Bush chose not to endorse Donald Trump. His father and brother are now following suit. In statements to the Guardian , George HW Bush and George W Bush each say they're staying out of the 2016 election, which means they won't endorse Trump, though he's now the... More »

How One Decision Drove Bush, Cheney Apart

The pardon of 'Scooter' Libby was apparently the last straw

(Newser) - In the final days of George W. Bush's presidency, Dick Cheney lobbied the president and lobbied him hard—for the pardon of Lewis "Scooter" Libby. President Bush dreaded facing Cheney about it, and once he did, their relationship would never be the same, reports Peter Baker in the... More »

Obama Scraps 'Conscience' Rule for Health Workers

But those who object to abortions can still opt out

(Newser) - The Obama administration today undid an eleventh-hour rule enacted by George W. Bush that gave health workers the option to refuse to perform a litany of procedures they objected to on moral, religious, or cultural grounds. Declaring the so-called "conscience" rule "unclear and potentially overbroad in scope,"... More »

Dick Cheney Weighs Heart Transplant

But he still has enough energy to zing President Obama

(Newser) - Former Vice President Dick Cheney needs a new heart and may soon join a transplant list, he revealed in his first interview since major surgery. He's suffering from "end-stage" heart disease and will make a decision soon whether or not to go ahead with a transplant. In the meantime,... More »

Buffett: Rich Never Had It So Good

Make us pay, says billionaire

(Newser) - Pot-stirring billionaire Warren Buffett is complaining that the "rich never had it so good," and again demanded that politicians make the wealthy pay their fair share to the public coffers. "People at the high end—people like myself—should be paying a lot more in taxes,"... More »

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