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TSA Has a New Pat-Down Technique at Airports

Agency gives police a heads up, bracing for complaints

(Newser) - The TSA has rolled out a new pat-down technique at airports, and it's apparently expecting people to be unhappy. Bloomberg reports that the agency has advised local and airport police about the change in case they get complaints about "abnormal" frisking. So what's different? That part is... More »

House Panel to TSA: Stop Patting Down Beyonce

Celebs like her are not terrorists: Rep. Mike Rogers

(Newser) - House officials have some words of wisdom for the TSA: Don't pat down Beyonce. Seriously. After all, "she's not going to blow a plane up," says Rep. Mike Rogers, who heads the House Homeland Security Transportation Subcommittee. "There are certain people that are just so... More »

TSA Pats Down Henry Kissinger

While he was in a wheelchair

(Newser) - It seems absolutely no one is immune from the indignity of TSA pat-downs—not even a former secretary of state in a wheelchair. None other than Henry Kissinger was singled out for special screening on Friday, according to freelance journalist Matthew Cole , who, unlike TSA personnel, recognized the Nobel laureate.... More »

Geraldo: I Was 'Raped' by TSA Agent

'My junk was junked' on way to Afghanistan, he says

(Newser) - Geraldo Rivera says he was "manually raped" by a New York airport security guard on his way to cover a story in Afghanistan. "The last time I flew to Afghanistan, I got manually raped by a guy," he said on Fox and Friends . "The scanner wasn'... More »

TSA Keeps You Safe by Patting Down Girls, Ages 4 and 7

...and the 7-year-old has cerebral palsy

(Newser) - Thank goodness for the Transportation Security Administration. Who else could protect us from potential villains like Dina Frank, a 7-year-old girl with cerebral palsy who was subjected to an aggressive screening in New York on Monday? Frank requires crutches and leg braces to walk, so she had to get a... More »

Rand Paul's TSA Scuffle Now Raking in Cash for Dad

Ron Paul urges supporters to contribute to 'End the TSA Money Bomb'

(Newser) - Rand Paul's "detainment" by the TSA couldn't have been timed better: Dad Ron is now using Monday's incident to raise funds for his presidential campaign, the Daily Caller reports. The elder Paul emailed supporters asking them to contribute to his "End the TSA Money... More »

Rand Paul Refuses TSA Patdown, Gets Detained

Ron Paul's son being detained 'indefinitely,' says spokesperson

(Newser) - Apparently the Pauls are willing to go quite far to maintain their libertarian principles: Rand Paul, son of presidential candidate Ron Paul, was detained by the TSA at Nashville International Airport this morning when he refused to submit to a patdown, WSMV reports. A Paul spokesperson confirms that the Kentucky... More »

Get a Clue, TSA: Profile

TSA employees aren't robots, Jonah Goldberg argues

(Newser) - When Jonah Goldberg heard the story of Lena Reppert, the 95-year-old forced to remove her adult diaper by the TSA , he thought of the man-vs-machine war in the Dune novels. Why? Because “it seems the first commandment of the TSA is that every mind must be trained in the... More »

TSA Makes Elderly Woman Remove Adult Diaper

Woman, 95, was sick and in a wheelchair

(Newser) - The latest TSA horror story: A 95-year-old, wheelchair-bound, 105-pound woman—who has end-stage leukemia, to boot—was forced to remove her adult diaper during a pat-down at a Florida airport last weekend. Wheelchairs are always swabbed for explosives and their passengers patted down, a TSA spokesperson says. Jean Weber’s... More »

TSA Pats Down 6-Year-Old

Anna Drexel cried after procedure, mom says

(Newser) - A video getting quite a bit of attention today shows a TSA agent patting down a 6-year-old girl. The video was posted on YouTube yesterday, Jezebel notes, and it shows the New Orleans agent running her hand over Anna Drexel's chest, groin, and inside her waistband. When asked by... More »

NH Bill Would Make Some TSA Workers Sex Offenders

Full-body scans, pat-downs would be considered sexual assault

(Newser) - New Hampshire lawmakers debated a bill last night that would classify airport security pat-downs and full-body scans performed "without probable cause" as sexual assault, and punish any TSA employees who conducted them. "Let’s put their name on the sex offender registry, and maybe that will tell them... More »

Cafe to TSA Agents: No Food for You

Owner of Seattle restaurant won't serve TSA

(Newser) - In a cafe near the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, a small piece of retribution is being dealt back to the TSA. "We have posted signs on our doors basically saying that they aren't allowed to come into our business," an employee tells travel journalist Christopher Elliott , adding that her... More »

Rep. Takes 12-Hour Boat Ride After Refusing TSA Search

Breast cancer survivor Sharon Cissna balks at airport pat-down

(Newser) - An Alaskan state lawmaker opted to spend 12 hours on a ferry home instead of submitting to what she described as an "invasive" TSA search at a Seattle airport. Sharon Cissna, a Democrat, says she was told she would have to be patted down after a body scan displayed... More »

Pistole: No Body Cavity Searches on My Watch

Nation can breathe a sigh of relief on that point, at least

(Newser) - Concerned that body cavity searches are the inevitable next frontier in the TSA's war against terrorism? Don't be—at least not as long as John Pistole is around. USA Today had a long chat with the TSA chief and he revealed that, though current technology can't detect explosives hidden inside... More »

TSA Just Wanted Closer Look at My Boobs: Flier

Woman claims agents were ogling her before extra screening

(Newser) - It was only a matter of time before this TSA complaint came out: A woman claims she was selected for further screening ... because the TSA agents liked her breasts. Eliana Sutherland was flying out of Orlando International Airport when she saw two male agents staring at her chest, the Daily ... More »

Airports Ban PETA Ads Mocking TSA

Video, ad campaign make light of new security procedures

(Newser) - Several major airports are taking a stand against PETA ads that make light of the TSA's new security procedures. One, a video originally planned to be shown in Boston on Logan Airport's free wi-fi network, features Pamela Anderson (hardly) dressed as a TSA agent stripping passengers of leather and fur.... More »

No Unusual Delays Seen at Airports

Opt-Out Day is a 'non-event' so far

(Newser) - National Opt-Out Day doesn't seem to be wreaking havoc at the nation's airports. Lines are moving relatively smoothly so far, despite the call for a protest over full-body scans, report AP and CNN . Two protesters of note: a bikini-clad woman in Los Angeles and a guy in a Speedo in... More »

TSA Is Overreacting: Our Bomb Risk Is 'Near Zero'

We're actually doing exactly what the terrorists want, writes Jim Harper

(Newser) - Are the TSA's new security procedures reasonable in the face of new terrorist threats, or an overreaction? An overreaction, concludes privacy expert Jim Harper—and that's exactly what the terrorists want. The better approach would have been "no change to domestic air security from the status quo of a... More »

Profiling, Not Pat-Downs, Key at Most World Airports

Including Israel's airport, one of the world's best at security

(Newser) - Ditching the TSA's new security procedures in favor of profiling seems like a controversial move —despite a new poll showing 70% support the idea —but at most world airports, that's how it's done. Airports like Israel's Ben-Gurion International, widely considered to be one of the world's most effective... More »

64% Support Full-Body Scanners

Pat-downs, however, are less popular: new poll

(Newser) - Despite the uproar over the TSA's enhanced security procedures, a new poll shows that nearly two-thirds of Americans actually support the new full-body scanners. Even so, only 48% believe the enhanced pat-downs are justified, according to the Washington Post -ABC News poll. Some 68% of those surveyed said the government... More »

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