wi-fi killing trees

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Wi-Fi Killing Trees? Not So Fast

Dutch government agency says 'hold your horses'

(Newser) - Is your Wi-Fi router a menace to local plant life? Dutch scientists say quite possibly—but the Dutch government says quite possibly not. In response to the findings of the study commissioned by the Dutch city of Alphen aan den Rijn, the government's Antenna Agency issued a statement urging caution.... More »

Wi-Fi Is Sickening Trees: Study

Finds that Wi-Fi radiation can kill the epidermis of the leaves

(Newser) - The radiation created by Wi-Fi networks is causing significant harm to trees in the Western world, according to a recent study from the Netherlands. Growth abnormalities, bleeding, and cracking of the bark—which cannot be ascribed to a virus or bacterial infection—were found in about 70% of all trees... More »

2 Stories