Charlie Sheen lawsuit

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Dental Tech Sues Charlie Sheen: He Assaulted Me

Sheen's lawyer calls the lawsuit 'absurd'

(Newser) - Apparently Charlie Sheen's crazy days aren't over quite yet: A dental technician is suing the actor, alleging assault, battery, sexual battery, and intentional affliction of emotional distress. Margaret Palestino says the dentist told her to put a nitrous oxide mask on Sheen; she did so, and the actor... More »

Sheen Settles Suit for $25M ... Plus $100M

Mouthy actor wins payment plus syndication profits

(Newser) - How's that for tiger blood? Charlie Sheen settled his wrongful termination lawsuit with Warner Brothers and Two & a Half Men producer Chuck Lorre today for a handy $25 million, TMZ reports. Thanks to the settlement, the actor will also earn around $100 million in syndication profits over the... More »

Sheen Sues Lorre, WB for $100M

Suit claims Lorre made Sheen a 'scapegoat'

(Newser) - Hell hath no fury like Charlie Sheen scorned —he's suing Warner Bros. and his arch-nemesis Chuck Lorre for the amount he and the crew would've made on the eight episodes of Two and a Half Men that had yet to be made—a whopping $100 million, TMZ reports. The... More »

Charlie Sheen Sues Porn Star

Suit charges Capri Anderson tried to extort $1M from Sheen, stole watch

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen is hitting back at porn star Capri Anderson's claims that he assaulted her during a drug-fueled bender last month. The actor has filed a lawsuit against Anderson—whose real name is Christina Walsh—alleging that she tried to extort $1 million from him after a consensual encounter in... More »

4 Stories