Yeonpyeong Island

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South Korea Ignores North's Threats, Holds Military Drill

North calls drill 'clear declaration of war'

(Newser) - South Korea held its previously announced military drill today—complete with howitzers and attack helicopters—defying warnings from Pyongyang that the activities would prompt a "punishment." The South fired artillery for an hour on western islands near the border with the North; drills in the same region in... More »

Koreas Exchange Fire in Disputed Waters

South fires back after shells land near Yeonpyeong island

(Newser) - Artillery fire has once again been exchanged around the disputed maritime border between North and South Korea. The South Korean military says it fired three artillery rounds into North Korea waters after three shells from the North landed close to the border, Bloomberg reports. The military says it wasn't... More »

South Korea Pokes at North With Christmas Tree

Also, Bill Richardson: North has agreed to nuclear inspections

(Newser) - The Korean peninsula was calmer today after the promised North Korean response to South Korean military exercises never materialized—though the South is braced for surprise attacks. It's also getting ready for the holidays: In a move expected to annoy North Korea, the South today lit a 100-foot tall steel... More »

UN Holds Emergency Meeting Over Korean Tensions

Russia pushing a resolution for 'maximum restraint'

(Newser) - The UN Security Council met in emergency session today amid rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula and a North Korean warning of a "catastrophe" if South Korea goes ahead with a live-fire drill. Russia called for the meeting, and Moscow wants the UN's most powerful body to adopt a... More »

North Korea: Cancel Drills, or We'll Attack Again

South Korea plans more drills on Yeonpyeong Island

(Newser) - Tensions between the Koreas ratcheted even higher today, when the North threatened to attack Yeonpyeong Island again if the South goes through with its plans to hold live-ammunition drills there. “The intensity and scope of the strike will be more serious than the Nov. 23 shelling,” officials told... More »

Distant Artillery Fire Rattles South Korea

North Korean shelling audible on Yeonpyeong island

(Newser) - Artillery fire from North Korea was audible on the South Korean island bombarded earlier this week, frightening residents and officials. The firing seems to have been contained to North Korean territory and it appears to have been either a drill or an attempt to rattle the garrison on Yeonpyeong island,... More »

North: Drills Pushing Koreas to 'Brink of War'

Top US commander visiting island shelled by N. Korea

(Newser) - US-South Korean military exercises planned for this weekend are pushing the rival Koreas to "the brink of war," North Korea warns. A statement from the country's news agency described the drills, involving the nuclear-powered supercarrier USS George Washington, as a reckless plan by "trigger-happy elements," the... More »

US Carrier Heads to Korean Waters

Military exercises to 'demonstrate strength of alliance'

(Newser) - The USS George Washington left a naval base in Japan today, bound for Korean waters to carry out joint exercises with the South Korean military. US officials say that while the 4 days of military exercises set to begin on Sunday were "planned well before yesterday's unprovoked artillery attack,... More »

South Korea Threatens 'Enormous Retaliation'

Lee: Deadly attack 'completely unforgivable'

(Newser) - Talk of all-out war is coming from both Koreas after yesterday's attack on a South Korean island by the north . South Korean President Lee Myung-bakhas put the country's military on its highest alert level and warned that the shelling is a "completely unforgivable" attack on civilians that cannot go... More »

Obama: China Must Take Stand on N. Korea

He wants Beijing to send a 'clear' message to North

(Newser) - As the world community figures out how to defuse tensions on the Korean peninsula, President Obama wants China to be heard. Beijing must "make clear to North Korea that there are a set of international rules that they need to abide by," he tells Barbara Walters in an... More »

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