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Airport Protests Fizzle

Storms, not protests delay Thanksgiving travelers

(Newser) - In the end, very few people opted to participate in National Opt-Out day. Activists had promised chaos, but people protesting TSA pat-downs and full-body scanners only appeared in ones and twos at the nation's airports, and no unusual delays were reported . Opt-out organizers claimed that the lack of lines proved... More »

Flier Sues TSA Over Scanners

Robert Dean says 4th Amendment rights violated

(Newser) - Plenty of travelers have been complaining that the TSA's full-body scanners violate their privacy ... but do they violate the Constitution? An Arkansas man says they do. He has filed a lawsuit against the TSA in federal court in Little Rock, claiming that the scanners hurt his "emotional, psychological and... More »

2 Stories