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What New York Is Doing for College-Age Maria Victims

Tuition help being offered to displaced students at 64 state universities

(Newser) - Mainland US universities are offering a helping hand to students in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands affected by Hurricane Maria. Some schools are granting students discounted tuition at the rate for in-state residents; others are waiving tuition altogether for a semester, NPR reports. Tuition help is being offered... More »

The 'Million Student March' Is Happening

Protesters want free tuition, student debt forgiveness, and more

(Newser) - Across the country Thursday, students will be walking out of classrooms as part of the "Million Student March." The demonstrations were planned as a protest against student loan debt, with students calling for not only tuition-free education at public colleges and forgiveness of student loans, but also for... More »

Recent Grads Who Think Degree Was Worth It: Just 38%

But there is one thing that makes a big difference

(Newser) - Just 38% of recent college graduates (from 2006 on) "strongly agree" that their education was worth its price, a new Gallup-Purdue Index study finds, and 8% felt strongly that it wasn't worth it. The number rises to 50% for all college graduates (more than 30,000 total) who... More »

University: Pay Us in Bitcoin

Drums up interest with master of science degree in digital currency

(Newser) - First you could buy a condo with Bitcoin and now you can pay your tuition using the digital currency, too—if you attend Cyprus' University of Nicosia, that is. The school says it's the first university to offer fees payable in the currency feds are praising , and those with... More »

With State Cuts, Public University Costs Skyrocket

Amount students pay climbed record 8.3% last year

(Newser) - Going to a state school may be becoming less of a great way to keep college costs down: With state governments cutting funding, the amount public-college students paid in tuition (after scholarships and grants) soared 8.3% last year. That's the heftiest hike on record, reports the Wall Street ... More »

More Colleges Join $50K Club

As tuition rises, 151 schools now above that threshold

(Newser) - Want more evidence that the price of college is exploding? Well this year, 151 schools will cost more than $50,000 a year, including tuition, fees, room and board, CNN reports, based on numbers from the College Board and Chronicle of Higher Education. That's up from 123 last year... More »

Quebec Student Protests: 2.5K Arrested So Far

Hundreds of thousands take to streets

(Newser) - With countless students taking to the streets of Quebec to protest tuition hikes, the number of arrests over the last three months has already hit 2,500 —and it's still growing. Protesters were initially furious over the increased fees; now they're also opposing a new law limiting... More »

Your Major Is Hard? Pay More Tuition

Math, science, and business students face price hikes

(Newser) - The tougher your major in college is, the more tuition you could have to fork over. More and more public universities are billing a higher tuition to students who major in math, business, and science programs. The schools' rationale is that it's more expensive to teach these specialties, and... More »

Protests Rage on in Rome, London

Not a good day to be a tourist in Europe...

(Newser) - Now is not the time to be embarking on your dream trip to Italy ... or England. Both countries are weathering yet another day of student protests. In Rome, police vans and rows of riot-gear-clad officers barricaded access to the city's historic center in an attempt to keep students away from... More »

Tens of Thousands of UK Students Protest Fee Hike

It's the second mass demonstration in two weeks

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of UK students again took to the streets of London to protest planned higher fees coupled with education cuts. It's the second mass demonstration in recent weeks. The only major violence was reported in Trafalgar Square, where a crowd smashed windows of shops, buses, and an unattended... More »

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