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Leaked Taylor Swift Call Was a Calculated Move

TMZ finds secret recording didn't break the law

(Newser) - Kim Kardashian didn't just reignite the feud between Kanye West and Taylor Swift when she leaked a phone conversation between the pair on Sunday. As Vulture reports, she was also dangerously close to breaking recording laws—though TMZ reports Kardashian is actually in the clear. While plenty of states... More »

Kanye Caves, Puts Pablo Track on Apple, Spotify

He swore last month he'd 'never never never' do that

(Newser) - Whether Kanye West has actually finished The Life of Pablo is unclear. But as of Tuesday, one song from the so-called "anti-album" is finally up on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play, Esquire reports. The song is "Famous," featuring Rihanna and the "I made that bitch... More »

Kanye: Calling Taylor a B---- Is Endearing

And there's a lot of debate over whether she approved the lyric

(Newser) - For those of you waiting with bated breath to see how Taylor Swift would respond to Kanye Swift name-dropping her in one of his new songs, wait no longer: She isn't happy. The relevant lyric in West's "Famous": "I feel like me and Taylor might still... More »

Kanye Disses Jay-Z, 'Suit & Tie'

Apropos of nothing, rapper isn't a fan of Timberlake collaboration

(Newser) - Kanye, we're gonna let you finish in a minute , but ... oh never mind, go ahead and open mouth, insert foot again. The rapper went on one of his signature and petulant rants at a concert in London last night, reports TMZ , slamming everything from "business people" to the... More »

Kanye Blasts Taylor Swift

She never stuck up for me, rapper complains

(Newser) - It's been more than a year since Kanye West's drunken stage invasion during Taylor Swift's VMA acceptance speech—and it looks like he still hasn't forgiven her. "Taylor never came to my defense in any interview," the rapper complained in a rambling rant at a New York show.... More »

5 Stories