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After 30 Years on Ice, This Thing Came Back to Life

Revived tardigrade sets new record

(Newser) - Japanese researchers have successfully awakened a microscopic tardigrade (more colloquially known as a waterbear) after it spent three decades in a subzero slumber, the Telegraph reports. That's a new record; previous Antarctic specimens were revived after about eight years, per the study, published last month in Cryobiology . In November... More »

World's Hardiest Creatures Survive 'Martian Soil'

Researchers seek to keep Earth stowaways away from Mars

(Newser) - A tiny but incredibly tough creature called the tardigrade has been identified as the Earth-dweller most likely to hitch a ride to Mars and survive once there—indicating that our methods for sterilizing Mars rovers may not be up to snuff. The millimeter-long creature, also known as the water bear,... More »

2 Stories