Tom DeLay conviction

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For Tom DeLay, It Was About Power, Not Money

Analysis: In that, he's unusual among politicians with rap sheets

(Newser) - Tom DeLay is unusual among politicians with legal trouble because he wasn't going after money—just power. Texas Tribune managing editor Ross Ramsey lays it out an analysis for the New York Times : In step one, DeLay's creative campaign donations helped elect Republican legislators to the Texas House, giving the... More »

DeLay Verdict May Change Campaign Finance

Prosecutors expected to target corporate fundraising

(Newser) - Prosecutors—and politicians—around the country are paying close attention to Tom DeLay's conviction on money laundering charges . The former House majority leader was found guilty of funneling corporate cash to fellow Republicans, thereby violating Texas laws that ban companies from contributing to candidates' campaigns, and legal experts expect the... More »

2 Stories