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Gay Kiss Is Milestone, but Military Must Do More

Racism, sexism, homophobia still exist: LA Times

(Newser) - When Marissa Gaeta stepped off the USS Oak Hill after a three-month deployment and gave her girlfriend the "first kiss" , it was just one example of the "exemplary progress" the US military has made in "modernizing its culture," declares the Los Angeles Times in an editorial.... More »

Gay Troops Sue Over DOMA

Lawsuit to be filed today

(Newser) - Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell may be gone, but married gay and lesbian service members aren’t done fighting for equal rights: Six active troops and two veterans are filing suit today to challenge the Defense of Marriage Act. Lead plaintiffs Shannon McLaughlin, a Massachusetts Army National Guard... More »

Obama: Don't Just Sit There When People Boo a Soldier

President fires away at GOP contenters at gay rights fundraiser

(Newser) - Ah, election season—when politicians remember that they once had guts. President Obama swung hard at GOP presidential hopefuls last night, blasting them for not condemning the crowd that booed a gay soldier at a Republican debate on Sept. 22, reports the Hill . "We don’t believe in the... More »

'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Dies at Midnight

Pentagon says it's prepared

(Newser) - After 18 years, "Don't Ask Don't Tell" is finally headed for the scrap heap. At 12:01am tomorrow morning, the military will be legally allowed to sift through an outstanding pile of applications from openly gay recruits, the AP reports. "No one should be left with... More »

Obama on Gay Marriage: 'Evolving,' Warming

President may be considering an endorsement of the issue

(Newser) - Barack Obama was in favor of gay marriage before Senator Obama was against it, and now President Obama is again considering the issue, having said publicly that his views are "evolving." Obama will headline a pair of events for the gay community in coming weeks, and as he... More »

Navy: Never Mind, No Gay Marriages Yet

Controversial move suspended until further notice

(Newser) - Well, that didn't last long: Just one day after announcing that its chaplains would soon be allowed to perform same-sex marriages , the Navy is backpedaling. More than five dozen House lawmakers challenged the decision, which would have permitted chaplains to officiate gay unions after Don't Ask, Don't... More »

Navy Will Let Chaplains Officiate Gay Marriages

New policy takes effect after DADT is repealed

(Newser) - When Don't Ask, Don't Tell is repealed, a big change will come to the Navy: Its chaplains will be allowed to officiate at same-sex marriages. Rear Admiral Mark Tidd, the Navy's head chaplain, made the announcement in a recent memo but noted that chaplains may decline to... More »

West Point Rejects Lesbian Cadet's Readmission

Don't Ask, Don't Tell is still law of the land

(Newser) - Don't Ask, Don't Tell may be on its way out, but it's not gone yet: West Point won't let a lesbian former cadet get back in because the law remains in place, reports the AP . Katherine Miller left the military academy after her sophomore year last... More »

Palin Retweets Line About 'Homos'

Is this her way of taking a position on DADT?

(Newser) - Did Sarah Palin just jump into the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" fray? The TLC star retweeted a conservative lesbian blogger's tweet about "homos" last night—and it's a line that backs dropping the policy and allowing gays to serve openly in the military. While commenting on DADT, Tammy... More »

Rep: Don't Let Your Gayness Interfere With Mission

Todd Akin explains why repealing DADT wasn't necessary

(Newser) - Rep. Todd Akin has no problem with gays in the military—just so long as their “gayness” doesn’t become an issue. In fact, the congressman was on Fox News last night explaining why the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell wasn’t really necessary, Mediaite reports.... More »

Va. Pol: Screw Feds, Ban Gays From National Guard

Bob Marshall says Constitution gives states right to run their militias

(Newser) - The Commonwealth of Virginia is showing another sign of going rogue these days: Just days after Congress repealed DADT, a Republican lawmaker is calling for the state to ban gays from serving in the National Guard, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Bob Marshall says the repeal amounts to a "social... More »

Advocates to Military Gays: Don't Come Out Yet

Gays can still be investigated, discharged during transition

(Newser) - The Pentagon's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy concerning gays might be dead, but don't be too quick to come out of the military closet, advocates are warning gays. "While the immediate impact of this bill may inspire folks from across the nation, it is important to note that... More »

McCain Disgraced Himself With Vote Against DREAM

Immigration bill's failure is sickening

(Newser) - The Senate may have passed a repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” but it failed to pass the DREAM Act , and that’s “a cold, cold abomination,” writes Joe Klein of Time , calling the vote an act “of staggering cynicism and ugliness.”... More »

Lame Duck Congress Looks to Pass All or Nothing

If House doesn't approve tax deal, nothing will get done

(Newser) - Congress is about to pass lots of major legislation—or nothing at all. The House’s dilemma: If it tries to change the Senate’s $858 billion tax bill, the Senate won’t have time to vote on repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the DREAM Act, START, or... More »

Gay Vets Booted Under DADT Sue for Reinstatement

Lawsuit seeks to put pressure on Congress

(Newser) - Three military veterans who were discharged under Don't Ask, Don't Tell sued the government yesterday to be reinstated and to pressure lawmakers to repeal the law before a new Congress is sworn in. The lawsuit filed in US District Court in San Francisco also seeks to have the ban on... More »

Joe Lieberman: End DADT, Even if We Have to Stay Late

Senator believes 'wanting to go home is not an excuse'

(Newser) - Joe Lieberman is determined to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell —even if he has to work overtime to do it. The senator recently tweeted a link to a blog post recommending that Harry Reid keep the Senate in session until it ends DADT, and his press secretary... More »

Gen. Clark: Now 'Ideal' Time to Repeal DADT

Relationships based on respect, not sexuality

(Newser) - Gen. Wesley Clark shot down objections to repealing DADT today, reports the Hill, calling wartime "the ideal time" to implement change "because we're talking about building teamwork around a common purpose." "It's just simply not a huge deal," he told This Week. Members of the... More »

Mullen: Repeal DADT; It's the 'Right Thing'

John McCain criticizes Pentagon report

(Newser) - As the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the Pentagon's Don't Ask, Don't Tell report got under way today, Adm. Mike Mullen advocated for repeal of the policy. "I've been serving with gays and lesbians my whole career," said the Joint Chiefs chairman. "We never missed a... More »

Foes of 'Don't Ask' Repeal in Trouble Now

Analysis: Survey undercuts arguments of keeping gay ban in place

(Newser) - We knew the broad strokes of the Pentagon's review of Don't Ask, Don't Tell before today's official release , but the details also tell an important story, writes Greg Sargent at the Plum Line blog . "The upshot: It will leave GOP moderates with no reasons left to oppose repeal."... More »

'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Here to Stay: Graham

Lame duck session will sit on the issue, says senator

(Newser) - The military's controversial "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays isn't going away anytime soon, predicts South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham. "There is no groundswell of opposition coming from our military. I don’t think there’s anywhere near the votes to repeal DADT on the Republican side,... More »

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