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Drone Sparks Political Uproar at Soccer Game

Albanian leader's brother denies flying device bearing controversial message

(Newser) - A soccer game turned into an international incident in Serbia yesterday after a drone bearing a controversial political message flew over the game. The atmosphere was already fraught; amid tensions between the countries, Albania's team hadn't been to Belgrade since 1967. During the game, a drone appeared carrying... More »

Angie Shouldn't Be UN Ambassador: Rape Victims

Bosnian women call her 'ignorant'

(Newser) - Bosnian rape victims have again attacked Angelina Jolie over her directorial-debut war movie, calling her "ignorant" about their homeland tragedy. They also challenged her right to remain UN goodwill ambassador, reports the Seattle Post-Intelligencer . "Our voices are worthwhile and we deserve much more respect," said a letter... More »

2 Stories