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Epic Resignation Sparks Slew of Whole Foods Complaints

Gawker hears from others after viral letter

(Newser) - One ex- Whole Foods worker’s disgusted letter of resignation has opened up the floodgates: Dozens of employees, current and former, have written to Gawker to reveal the worst of what goes on behind the scenes at the stores. A few choice cuts:
  • “It must've been one of
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That Time of the Month: Boss Tags Women With Red Bands

You know, to monitor bathroom breaks

(Newser) - We're apparently not making this up: One Norway boss makes female staffers wear red wristbands during that time of the month to explain frequent bathroom breaks. That tidbit popped up in a new report about "tyrannical" bathroom rules at Norwegian workplaces. The report found that some 66% of managers... More »

2 Stories