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Bill Nye: Noah's Ark Park Gets Science So, So Wrong

Science Guy has beefs after visiting Kentucky's Ark Encounter

(Newser) - It was "much more troubling or disturbing than I thought it would be." That's what Bill Nye has to say about Ark Encounter , Kentucky's new $100 million Bible-themed attraction featuring the largest timber-frame structure in the world and … dinosaurs. The park suggests the world was... More »

Noah's Ark Park Hits Another Wall

Kentucky denies $18M in tax incentives over discrimination worries

(Newser) - It's again raining on Ark Encounter's parade —er, park. The creationist theme park in the works since 2010 has been denied $18 million in Kentucky tax incentives based on concerns that it will violate the separation of church and state. Though the state initially gave its approval... More »

Noah's Ark Park in Danger of Sinking

Feel like buying $29M in unrated municipal bonds?

(Newser) - A Noah's Ark theme park set to break ground in Kentucky in March could soon be crushed—not by a mountain of water, but by a lack of investor interest, Bloomberg reports. Building a full-scale ark replica at the biblical Ark Encounter park—set to open in April 2016—... More »

Noah's Ark Park Inches Closer to Getting Taxpayer Funding

Creationist attraction gets preliminary OK from Kentucky

(Newser) - “Ark Encounter,” the proposed creationist-themed amusement park where kids will be able to explore a 500-foot model of Noah’s Ark, moved a step closer to getting state funding this week, when the Kentucky Tourism Development Finance Authority approved up to $37 million in tax incentives. Those incentives,... More »

Coming to Kentucky: Creationism Theme Park

Complete with 500-foot Noah's Ark replica

(Newser) - Disneyland, pshaw. Soon the new hot amusement park will be located in Kentucky, and called ... Ark Encounter. The Christian theme park will include, among other attractions, a 500-foot-long Noah's Ark complete with live animals, a Tower of Babel replica, and a re-created first-century Middle Eastern village. "Make no mistake... More »

5 Stories