Conrad Zdzierak

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Robberies Shock 'Hyper-Real' Mask Firm

Company's sales soar after masks make the news

(Newser) - Sales have soared for a California company that makes ultra-realistic masks — but its owner isn't happy about the way success has arrived. SPFXMasks earned plenty of free publicity when its creations were used by a young Chinese man who posed as an elderly white man to fool immigration, and... More »

Man Who Pulled Jobs in 'Black Face' Pleads Guilty

Disguise fooled wrong suspect's own mother

(Newser) - A white bank robber's disguise was so effective that a black man was arrested for his crimes, picked out of a line-up by several victims, and identified from surveillance footage by his own mother. The real crook, Polish immigrant Conrad Zdzeriek, has now pleaded guilty to a string of robberies... More »

2 Stories